Multi-Vertical Network: What Is It?


Affiliate marketing verticals, also called niches, are groups of offers united by a common principle. Affiliates can choose one vertical to work with or several. CMaffiliates is a multi-vertical network where the team is equally well versed in several verticals and selects top destinations for the best affiliate earnings.

What Are the Verticals?

There are offers and verticals in affiliate marketing. Offers are specific goods and services offered for promotion for a fee. Offers of the same type are united in verticals. For example, a fat burning cream is an offer, it belongs to the “Health and Nutra” vertical. Each vertical has its own promotion methods, traffic sources and promotional materials.

The main categories of affiliate marketing on, they are also verticals:

  • One of the most successful and promising verticals in traffic arbitrage. Sooner or later, after a successful strait in other directions, webmasters start looking towards gambling and its high stakes.
  • As a rule, offers of this vertical work according to the CPL (cost-per-lead) model. This is due to the fact that the sales funnel is complex here and each client requires a different approach.
  • Health and Nutra. A wide vertical that combines various health products. The most popular are the following categories: skin care, weight loss / muscle building products, brain stimulation products, men’s direction, etc.
  • Sweepstakes and Lottery. Giveaways iPhone (or other equipment), gift cards for shopping, travel promotions and others. These are offers that follow a simple CPL payout model.
  • Mobile Content. Games, antiviruses, utilities are offers that involve downloading the application by the user.

The vertical chosen by affiliates on the Cm affiliates network determines which traffic sources they will have to work with, which creatives to select, which arbitrage methods to use. It’s best to find the verticals / categories that work best for affiliates and match the traffic sources that affiliates used to working with.

Payout Models on

It is important for webmasters to understand not only what affiliate networks are, but also what types they are divided into. CMaffiliates works with the following models:

  • CPL — cost-per-lead, perfect for testing a new vertical.
  • CPS — cost-per-sale, the webmaster receives a commission for each referral product sold.
  • CPA — cost-per-action, remuneration is charged for actions taken by users – registration, newsletter subscription, order application, purchase of goods and others.
  • CPC — post-per-click, the amount of the payout depends on the number of clicks received on a link, banner or text.
  • RevShare — division of income, the webmaster receives as a payment not a specific amount, but a percentage.

Some of the options are in high demand among affiliate marketers, and some are falling into the shadows. To stay in the stream, you need to study all the offers and choose the most comfortable for yourself.

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