Remember “Biff Tannen” from “Back to the Future”? New Book Compares Him to the Man in the White House


– A new book from Oceania Press will be released on Back To The Future Day – this Sunday October 21st – which ponders whether Donald Trump, or perhaps The Russian Government, used a time-travelling DeLorean to influence the 2016 Presidential Election.  Debate performances, punchlines and information leaks could have been tweaked after-the-fact to cause the upset win.

The book compares the character of bully Biff Tannen from Back to the Future II to President Trump (referred to as “Biff” Trump in this book) who share physical characteristics (hair, height) as well as the number of wives, a similar business history, and belligerent personalities.

The book’s conclusion is that time travel is fanciful but the comparison between the two men is not.  While Biff Tannen did use time travel in Back to the Future II, it was thick skin, stubborn persistence and showmanship that put Donald ‘Biff’ Trump into the White House.

Author Paul Orwell draws striking similarities between Biff Tannen and “Biff” Trump and bemoans “the transition from issue politics to ‘death by tweet.'”  “We shouldn’t have to wake up and wonder who the president is going to bully today,” he adds.

The book is critical of Trump but not of Republican politics, and loaded with scene and theme references from the beloved movie series. It discusses why Trump’s message resonated with small-town America (Hill Valley, in the movie series).


Trump’s well-known quote about women (spoken to friend Philip Johnson, according to New York Magazine) and the other various allegations of Trump’s interpersonal misbehavior are compared in the book to the behavior of Biff Tannen, who sexually assaults Lorraine McFly in Back To The Future I and mistreats her in Back to the Future II.  The book asks the question: why do we tolerate this behavior from a President when we cannot tolerate it from a movie character?

There are also chapters on President Obama’s humiliation of Trump at the White House Correspondent’s dinner in April 2011, and how President Pence would be a very different President.


“Sad! Donald ‘Biff’ Trump is President” is available as a book and ebook from at on Back To The Future Day, October 21st, the day Marty traveled in time in the movie series.

Extracts and cover art are available.  Audio extracts (as mp3 files) are available to freely post.

Paul Orwell’s blog is at and Donald ‘Biff’ Trump posts regularly on Twitter @TrumpBiff.

Back to the Future is the 14th highest grossing (US) movie trilogy of all time and it stars one of the most famous bully characters – Biff Tannen – in movie history.  Screenwriter/producer Bob Gale is on the record (Daily Beast, October 21st, 2015) as saying that the character of Biff Tannen in Back to the Future II was based on the Donald Trump of the late 1980’s.

Paul Orwell is the pen name for a businessman who admits to benefiting from Republican tax cuts. He’s an immigrant, but the kind the US President currently welcomes to the country. Orwell has lived in London, New York, Moscow and Washington DC, and yearns for an era where political conversation and bi-partisan compromise are possible.

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