Everyone gets them, and no one likes them.  People aren’t just complaining to their friends.  The FTC received more than 3.7 million complaints about these fake calls, and the scams cost the public over $226 million in the first quarter of this year alone.

The editors at FitSmallBusiness.com, the digital business publication, dug deep to discover who were the biggest culprits of the year.  Researchers focused solely on scams claiming to be from large organizations.  Analyzing data from key sources such as the Federal Trade Commission, the IRS, and Microsoft – to name a few – the editors ranked the 10 worst robocall scams of this year HERE in this report.

The 10 Worst Robocalls of 2019

#1. Public Service Scams
Most targeted company/entity: U.S. Government
Potentially affected citizens: 300 million
Robocall script: “This is a call from [your local Sheriff’s department] to notify you that you have a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear for jury duty…” 

#2.Tax Scams
Most targeted company/entity: Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Potentially affected citizens: 300 million 
Robocall script: “This call is an official final notice call from the Internal Revenue Service. We have filed a lawsuit…”

#3. Tech Support Scams
Most targeted company: Apple
Potentially affected customers: 175 million
Robocall script: “This is a notification from Apple. Fraudulent activity has been detected on your account…” 

#4. Computer Virus Scams
Most targeted company: Microsoft
Potentially affected customers: 120 million
Robocall script: “This is an urgent call from Microsoft Windows. We have found several problems with your computer. Please turn it on so we can show you the problems…”

#5. Pharmaceutical Scams
Most targeted company: Viagra (Pfizer)
Potentially affected customers: 60 million
Robocall script: “If you suffer from erectile dysfunction you’re not alone…” 

#6. Health Insurance Scams
Most targeted company: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Potentially affected customers: 30 million
Robocall script: “I’m a Blue Cross Blue Shield representative and I need to confirm your information…” 

#7. Internet Services Scams
Most targeted company: Google My Business
Potentially affected customers: 15 million
Robocall script: “If you do not act soon, Google will label your business as permanently closed. Press one now to speak with a Google specialist.” 

#8. Job Opportunities Scams
Most targeted company: Amazon
Potentially affected customers: 13 million
Robocall script: “We are recruiting for Amazon jobs in your area. Hourly rates start at $27…” 

#9. Political Solicitation Scams
Most targeted organization/company: President Trump Campaign
Potentially affected citizens: 12 million
Robocall script: “I’m Donald Trump. Tonight, I am asking you to defend our very dangerous southern border, out of love and devotion to our country…” 

#10. Automotive Recall Scams
Most targeted company: Toyota
Potentially affected customers: 9 million
Robocall script: “This is a call from the Toyota Recall Team in reference to [your VIN]….” 

Fit Small Business editors used this following weighted metrics to compile the ranking:

  • Potential victims – 40 percent – Total possible affected populations were a major factor in research
  • Legal penalties – 30 percent – Where legal action was taken by a major corporation/government in responses to a robocall scam
  • Recorded damages – 30 percent – Many victims of robocall scams do not report their damages to agencies, but where possible, editors noted aggregate amounts

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