The Airports and Airlines Most Likely to be on Time Worldwide

VariFlight, a leading aviation data technology provider, has released the latest Global Airports and Airlines On-time Performance (OTP) Report for 2018 based on its comprehensive flight database between January 1 and December 31, 2018. The study revealed that in 2018, Japan’s Osaka Itami International Airport (IATA Code: ITM) topped large global airports in on-time departure performance, while Japan Airlines was the most punctual major airline.

The report investigated punctuality (flights that departed or arrived within 30 mins of schedule are taken as on-time) of airports and airlines worldwide in the past year in terms of region and size. Moreover, it also revealed the on-time arrival performances of major airline alliances and the most on-time air routes.

Below are some findings of the report:

  • 10 most punctual large airports (departure performance): Itami Airport, New Chitose Airport, Honolulu Airport, Haneda Airport, Portland Airport, Pulkovo Airport, Brasilia Airport, Tocumen Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Osaka Airport.
  • 10 most punctual medium-sized airports (departure performance): Kaohsiung Airport, Sendai Airport, Miyazaki Airport, Mohammed V Airport, Kona Airport, Tenerife North Airport, Nagoya Airport, Kagoshima Airport, Kahului Airport, Minsk Airport.
  • 10 most punctual major airlines (arrival performance): Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways, All Nippon Airways, Emirates Airlines, Aeroflot Airlines, Royal Dutch Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Alitalia Airlines, Air New Zealand, Korean Air.
  • 10 most punctual medium-sized airlines (arrival performance): Copa Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, TAM Airlines, Etihad Airways, Volaris, UTair, Bangkok Airways, Avianca Brazil, Royal Air Maroc.
  • The most punctual airline alliances: Oneworld, Sky Team, Star Alliance.
  • The most punctual air route: New Chitose – Haneda.

Backed by VariFlight’s complete and accurate aviation data set, the VariFlight OTP report is one of the most trusted sources to identify on-time performance of the aviation industry. To read the full report, please click here to download or visit our official website

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