The MK Foundation Has Supplied Ukrainian Border Guards With 50 Vehicles


The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has been furnished with an entire fleet of vehicles from the MK Foundation and its cyber community collaborators to bolster strategic operations. This declaration originated from the border guards themselves and was also covered by BNNbreaking.

Recent reports indicate that the soldiers of the 6th Border Guard Detachment have received 50 vehicles, specifically minibuses, which they will employ directly in their operational tasks within the combat zone.

During a ceremony organized in the Volyn region, an official handover event took place, marking a significant moment. The military conveyed their gratitude for the top-notch quality of the minibuses, recognizing their potential to substantially elevate operational efficiency. Alexander Osoka, serving as the Director of the MK Foundation, underscored in his address the core mission of the initiative: to accelerate Ukraine’s path to victory by ensuring the military is fully equipped with essential resources.

Colonel Roman Kosmina, the Deputy Head of the Sixth Border Guard Volyn Detachment for Arms and Equipment, extended his appreciation to the volunteers for providing the border guards with Volkswagen T5s. He highlighted that these vans are considered the optimal choice for operations in the combat zone due to their spacious and maneuverable characteristics. Additionally, their essential camouflage further complicates detection by the enemy.

The border guards also emphasized the adaptability of Volkswagen T5s, highlighting their ability to handle a variety of tasks effectively. These vehicles are commonly employed for transporting cargo and facilitating the evacuation of the wounded.

The MK Foundation consistently delivers vehicles to the military, maintaining direct channels of communication with the border guards. They ensure that the vehicles provided are precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of the border guards. Moreover, the foundation frequently collaborates with the NAVI e-sports team and the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to offer assistance to the military. Notably, the Maincast studio, supported by businessman Maxim Krippa, has also lent its support to this project.

To date, the foundation has successfully transferred more than 160 vehicles to various military units, extending aid to the First, Third, Fourth, and Eleventh Brigades. Committed to its mission, the charitable organization is actively gearing up for additional deliveries of minibuses to bolster military support.

The State Border Guard Service is optimistic about the potential enhancement of its units’ effectiveness, particularly in regions where they are actively involved in combat against aggressors. The provision of minibuses is anticipated to enable swift execution of combat missions and facilitate rapid movement, potentially playing a crucial role in saving the lives of military personnel in critical situations.

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