Trump Administration is Taking Action to Promote Kidney Health


This week, the leading Republican on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady (R-TX) released a statement on President Donald J. Trump’s new executive order that is focused on advancing American kidney health:

“I applaud the Administration’s initiative on Advancing American Kidney Health and its goal to reduce the number of patients with end-stage renal disease by 2030.  As President Trump discussed today, there are over 100,000 Americans receiving dialysis each year, and Medicare spent over $113 billion on kidney care on patients in 2016 alone.  By expanding home dialysis options and choices for patients, increasing the availability of organs for transplant, and implementing tools to slow the progression of kidney disease, we can start focusing on actually improving kidney health rather than treating kidney disease.  This is a step in the right direction, and I look forward to continuing to work with our Committee and the Administration in advancing these objectives.” 


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