Why Managed IT Services Can Take your Business to the Next Level


We are definitely living in a digital world, of that there is little doubt, and if your business isn’t making the best use of IT services, this is something you need to address. Regardless of your chosen sector, competition is very intense and the more efficient your business is, the better; communication, for example, is a critical aspect of every organization and rather than using cell phone networks, your business should be taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

Real Time Video

When you are using a state-of-the-art VoIP platform such as Zoom, you have access to some very powerful features; a communal whiteboard that enables group collaboration, file sharing and the ability to update shared files. Internet-based audio and video solutions offer high quality reception at very affordable prices and having the power to call a video meeting with your team gives you the edge. If you are concerned that a lot of IT hardware is needed, your provider can set you up for VoIP by installing a few wireless routers in your offices. Once the software is configured, you and your employees have real-time communication across the board and for a fraction of the cost of cell phone calls. Most businesses have already made the switch to VoIP communication and rarely use cell phones, as the calls are charged by the minute, unlike VoIP platforms.

Cloud Solutions

One of the most popular managed IT services is cloud solutions from a San Diego provider, whereby all your business data is stored on remotely located servers and the system is managed by your provider. Most offices have already digitised all their data and eliminated the need for paper documents, aside from valuable originals; all paper data is digitised and uploaded onto the cloud and all authorized staff can access their required data. Of course, you need to configure a permissions hierarchy to select who can access what, which further protects confidential data; the provider sets up the system and guides you through the user process. Your accounting staff have instant access to all the files they need, while your sales team can update and retrieve customer information from any location, and with round-the-clock support, your network is always online and protected.

IT Hardware 24/7 Support

All managed IT service providers offer full technical support for all your IT hardware; office PCs, networking hardware, printers, scanners & photocopiers are all under the domain of your IT support partner. Next time your colour printer dies in the middle of an important project, call in your IT support team and you’ll be up and running in no time! There will come a day when you’ll have to upgrade your computer hardware and your IT managed service provider can offer you the best advice when it comes to IT hardware acquisition. If you are into Instagram marketing and would like an insight into story-telling, click here.

Cyber Crime

We can’t really talk about IT services without giving cyber-security a mention; when you operate a cloud network, online security is a critical requirement and not one you can afford to overlook. The US government takes a very hard line with all forms of cyber-crime and your IT support partner employs the best ethical hackers who really know their stuff. Penetration testing can be carried out to see how good your defenses really are and should they be able to breach your protection, steps are taken to close the door.

Every business needs a strong IT infrastructure and teaming up with a managed IT services company is the way to go.


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