How to Use Instagram Stories to Improve Your Business Marketing


Over four million businesses advertise on Stories every month. That’s not surprising when you consider that, of the more than 500 million people reading Instagram Stories every day, 29 percent claim to have bought a product or service as a result.

Instagram Stories take the form of a slideshow of vertical photos, or videos. These appear on your profile for a short while, then disappear completely after 24 hours.

Photos show for seven seconds, while videos may be visible for fifteen seconds. So it’s important to look for ways of getting the most out of your business marketing techniques.

The Stories you post to Instagram automatically jump to the front of the queue of your followers’ feeds, giving you instant visibility. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to creating smart marketing.

Marketing With Instagram Stories

Tell viewers about your web content including leads and sale links. Try asking questions to make your Story interactive. Turn this around, and by making use of the questions sticker, invite your followers to ask you a question.

If you have either a verified account or over 10,000 followers, you may add a “Swipe-up link” to your Story. This is, however, only one outlook on viewing Instagram stories.

Set up a business account by using the step-by-step guide to shopping on Instagram. Once you’ve done this, you can use a shopping sticker in your Stories, making them shoppable.

How to Promote Your Brand or Product

Experts say that your key message needs to show in the first three seconds of the Story. That seems impossible, but you’ll be surprised. Get to the point, then add an explanation as necessary.

Include a Call to Action in every Instagram Story. Think about what you want your viewers to do next. Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter?

Would you like them to make a purchase? Visit a website? Invite them to take specific steps.

Encouraging Growth

Instagram Stories help markets become human to their viewers. By showing the brands and products in real-life situations, it is possible to create leads and intrigue your customers at the same time.

Marketers can show behind-the-scenes insights into their companies. Videos showing the production of items, or photos of satisfied customers using them, will do wonders in persuading viewers of their need to own one too!

Stories are also a great tool for showing potential customers (and existing ones) why your brand is relatable or interesting. Because most Stories are unrehearsed and improvised, they give a stark contrast to the professional video promotions usually seen on social media networks.

Showing Creativity

Stories can take on any number of different formats. You may choose to offer teasers of upcoming events or products in the pipeline.

Offer time-sensitive offers and deals, stressing “limited period only.” You may add polls and quizzes, asking for feedback from your viewers.

Business Marketing for Your Growth

Instagram offers a unique approach to your business marketing plan. With its special items like gifs and stickers, you’ll constantly create eye-catching impressions. And, of course, don’t forget to add your unique captions, overlays, and snippets of music.

We trust this has given a little taste into the wonderful world of Instagram Stories. For details of each step, you’ll find excellent detailed guides on Instagram itself. Please visit our site regularly as we continue to bring you the latest killer content relevant to your business’ growth.

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