3 Lessons You Can Learn From Ashwin Jacob On Strategic Partnership


A strategic partnership entails building a connection with external individuals and/or groups for the primary purpose of growing and adding value to your work. Although alliances are imperative to a strategic partnership, its concept is relative in nature, which means that it requires a dynamic approach. Hence, it can be said that figuring out strategic partnerships in different industries is a form of art.

When executed properly, a strategic partnership can result in the increase of competitive advantage, the enhancement of existing systems and operations, and the potential for success. This is a process and art Ashwin Jacob has truly mastered. 

Ashwin Jacob is a creative visionary who intertwines the different facets of entertainment, technology, fashion, and overall positive living. By maximizing these links, he is the perfect individual to consult with to navigate through the inner workings of these various industries effectively and efficiently. He offers services in consultancy, marketing, branding, and strategic partnership. He is generally passionate about positive living and knows the ins and out of these sectors. He is of Indian ancestry, born and raised in Boston, but made his way to Hollywood, the place he always knew he was meant to go to. With that, he has also been known as the real-life genie of Hollywood. 

Ashwin Jacob’s Professionalism

Ashwin Jacob is the head of entertainment and strategy of New Hollywood, a consultancy firm based in Los Angeles, and an equity owner of Spoild and Rottn, a fashion brand concerned with mental health. He has also hosted a top 20 podcast on iTunes and publicly spoke in institutions and businesses. Aside from those feats, he is an advisor of Omni Cloak,  a cybersecurity company, which guarantees celebrities, billionaires, and companies security. 

In relation to strategic partnership, he works with brands and celebrities to connect them with others who match their skills. Ashwin is innately a caring and authentic person, helping stars earn more money with their business. Because of thought, the real life genie of Hollywood is here to share four lessons about strategic relationships:

  1. Align your goals with an actionable plan

Strategic partnerships start with setting objectives, taking into account the story and ideology behind the parties involved, may it be a single entity or a whole brand. It is essential to make these connections meaningful to generate authentic and positive results. Specifically, you have to consider the practicality and feasibility of your goals, which in turn can help you formulate a plan of action. Ashwin believes that there should be a correspondence between your ideals and the realities of the industries. 

  1. Branding plays a key role 

Branding requires the gradual and elaborate process of crafting an identity, from creating a logo to showcasing the story and ideology behind your work. It will represent you, hence, it should encompass everything you stand for. That said, it is not an easy task, but delicately crafting your brand and rooting it in your authentic self can delight the audience and leave a lasting impact.

It is undeniably necessary for your value to be visible in order to build strong and healthy working relationships. As a creative, your competencies should guarantee others that you can add value in their craft or even their life. Your significance or public identity is also a determinant for your capability to promote a brand. Ashwin Jacob highlights that creating organic content for campaigns can help increase your brand awareness and significance to the general public.

  1. Communication and relationship management

Communication is part and parcel of our everyday lives and is fundamental to the existence of humans. Good communication can help with sound decision-making and planning, smooth and efficient accomplishment of work, and promotion and facilitation of cooperation among people. 

Businesses thrive through liaisons,  wherein effective communication and relationship management play crucial roles to facilitate success. Therefore, great attention should be given to these elements to help facilitate the development of meaningful connections and relationships.

Moreover, It is essential to maintain good working relationships even after working with a person or group, as well as to understand the vision of a client, and share that vision as you help him/her realize it. Ashwin builds campaigns to engage different audiences as he helps those with social anxiety build confidence and establish relationships. 


Ashwin Jacob is an individual who genuinely cares about others and wants them to succeed. If you want to learn more on strategic partnerships in various industries, you can reach Ashwin through these channels:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ashwinjacob

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashwinzjacob/

Website: https://ashwinjacob.com

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