Mindset, Motivation, Movement: The 3 M’s You Need To Stay Fit


You have probably read an article or two about why you should exercise. You have probably seen an online post by a stranger talking about his or her transformative journey. You have probably heard an acquaintance say they have started going on a diet. And you have probably been asked by a friend to go to the gym. So what is keeping you inactive from the fitness scene?

Perhaps you think it’s pointless. Why go through rigorous exercises when you can get tired just by doing nothing all the same? Perhaps you think you’re lazy. Why go through rigorous exercises when you can just binge-watch Netflix series? Well, if that’s the case then you are probably missing the three main elements that are essential to staying fit in every aspect of your life. According to Lanora Wyatt, a former member of the U.S. Navy and Army, a Human Resources professional, and a Certified Master Trainer (CMT) through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), there are 3 M’s you need in order to stay fit: mindset, motivation, and movement.



It is easy to leave a task unfinished when you do not get instant results, especially when it comes to fitness. Seeing little to no apparent progress in your body can decrease your drive to continue exercising. But the achievement of a toned body and sculpted muscles comes gradually and you have to be patient. The whole process requires rigorous workouts and strict diets. In order to become fit and to stay fit, you have to develop a growth mindset. Possessing this type of thinking can allow anyone to maximize potential in any field. Everyone is born with innate gifts, but they can only be improved when you are willing to do so. A growth mindset can help you attain your health and fitness goals.



There are several things to consider when you want a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to keep in mind that overall wellness is not limited to having a good physique and great strength. You should also take into account emotional and mental aspects as well. Working diligently to achieve your desired results is an important factor, but engaging in any activity becomes more meaningful when it is anchored in specific motivations, may they be extrinsic or intrinsic. Often, you wait for motivation to come, but, in reality, you have to actively assess your reasons and plan for your goals. The outcome becomes more rewarding once it aligns with your motives prior to starting. 



Ideas and motives for starting your fitness journey remain fruitless when you do not manifest them, therefore, you should get up and move! It is important to integrate your mindset and motivation with movement. Regular exercises and occasional strenuous workouts are unavoidable when you want to see positive results in your body. Having physical activity contributes to the increase of muscle strength and boosting endurance. Research also shows that this helps in reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood by improving your self-esteem. 


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