6 Tips for Launching an Online Store


The global e-commerce industry is massive and thriving. Statistics show that in 2020 alone, more than two billion people purchased items or services online, making for an astounding amount of transactions. Breaking into the industry by opening an online store can make good business sense in today’s marketplace, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have challenges and hurdles. You can’t assume your store will be an instant success, rather you need to take the appropriate steps to give it the best start possible.

Here are six tips for launching an online store that can help your business to be a massive success.

Are Your Products or Services a Winning Idea?

Honesty can be tough, but it’s needed in the business world. Ask yourself if your products or services are winning ideas? Are they unique? Do you stand out from the competition and how? What does the market research tell you? Who is your target audience? Do you feel passionate about what you’ll be offering, and will you stand behind it?

These are the soul-searching questions that all entrepreneurs need to ask themselves before diving in. There is always risk involved with a new business so you need to be honest about where the risk lies and have a solid business plan that will help you figure out the best path forward.

Your Web Design Needs to Be Killer

Before you can think about letting your store go live, you need to be sure your website is killer – both from a visual and technical standpoint. It needs to be eye-catching, unique and stand out from the competition all while functioning smoothly and quickly. Even if you have a highly marketable product or service that should be an instant success, if your website isn’t up to par then you won’t get the sales you’re planning on.

Consider Using Amazon to Showcase and Sell Your Products

It can be very hard to start your online store and get the attention and traction needed. This is why so many entrepreneurs choose to run a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business. With this business model you can build your business on Amazon’s backbone making use of its massive customer base, its reputation, and the ability to store your products at an Amazon fulfilment center. Amazon look after shopping and even customer service. It’s as streamlined and worry-free as you can get in terms of online stores.

You can purely focus on making sure your product gets seen and that the fulfilment center is stocked with your products. You can then advertise through other avenues, such as social media networks, with links to your Amazon storefront.

Is Your Online Store Optimized for Mobile Use?

Because so many people do their internet browsing and shopping from a mobile device, you also have to be sure it’s optimized for mobile use. This means everything appears and responds the same on a smartphone as it does on a desktop or laptop.

Give Customers Plenty of Payment Options

This sounds simple, and is something you may overlook, but it’s important to customers. You need to offer a wide array of payment methods securely and safely. Customers want to be able to pay with their first choice method, and it’s your job to accommodate them not the other way around.

Encourage Customers to Leave Product Reviews

Product reviews are always important, but even more so with new businesses. Customers want to read personal experiences and thoughts from others so they can make an informed decision. Be sure to close every sale with a gentle request to leave a product review.

By using all of these tips, you’ll be increasing your online store’s chances of a successful launch and future.

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