5 Amazing Experiences to Add to your Bucket List


We all have our very own ‘bucket list’, a list of things we would like to experience before we shuffle off this mortal coil, and as we get older, most people look to ticking off some of those items on their list. If you have never contemplated creating such a list, here are a few things that you might like to experience while you are able.

  • The Gliding Experience – We all love to fly, of course, yet going up in a glider is really a unique experience in many ways, as you have no engines, making for a silent flying experience. Being in a glider cannot be compared to regular jet aircraft travel, as you feel like you are like a bird suspended in the sky, and with a competent pilot, you can enjoy the experience, knowing that you will land safely.
  • Tandem Skydive – If you have ever wondered what it feels like to plummet towards the Earth at terminal velocity, you can jump from 15,000ft with an experienced skydiver, and it is perfectly safe as you are connected to the instructor. If you search online, you will find quite a few skydiving schools that offer a tandem jump from such an altitude, and for a few minutes, you can experience the world from a bird’s perspective.
  • Driving a Supercar – If you’re into cars, there must be one particular make and model that you would love to drive, and with affordable Mercedes Benz car rental, you can tick this one off your list. You could plan the perfect day and collect your partner in the supercar, then take her to a very special restaurant for a 5-star lunch, followed by an amazing afternoon that is a surprise.
  • Flying Lessons – It is quite easy to arrange to take a course of flying lessons, all you need to do is make contact with a local flying school, who would help you make the preparations that would allow you to learn to fly a small aircraft. If you book an initial lesson, then you can see if this is something you wish to pursue and even if you could never afford to buy your own light aircraft, you can still obtain a pilot’s licence after completing the course and rent a plane every so often.
  • Fly First Class – Every person should experience first class flying at least one time in their life, and while it is never going to be cheap, there are deals to be had if you know where to look. The comfort and level of service really is something else, and fine dining at 35,000ft is an amazing experience that you should have at some point in your life.

The above ideas are only a few of the things that you could add to your bucket list and there are experience providers who have a long list of unique activities that you can enjoy, and they can easily be contacted via an online search.

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