The Top 5 Superyachts: All you Need to Know


The superyacht is the ultimate in floating luxury, and a holiday aboard such a vessel is on everyone’s bucket list, and for good reason. The exclusive domain of billionaires, here is our list of the top superyachts in terms of length.

  1. The Azzam – The world’s longest yacht at over 590ft, the Azzam was designed by Mubarak Saad Al Ahbabi and commissioned by none other than Khalifa bin Zayed bin, the President of the U.A.E and was delivered in 2006, taking a total of 4 years to build. This floating palace can reach a speed of 30 knots and is opulent beyond compare, making it the number one vessel to date. Like something out of a James Bond movie, the Azzam has its own submarine and missile defence system, and with a draft of only 4.3m, this vessel can cruise in shallow waters.
  2. Fulk Al Salamah – A veil of secrecy limited the data about this super build, which is a 580ft design that was commissioned in 2014 with the world famous Mariotti Yachts based in Genoa allegedly by the Omani royal family, although no one is really sure. The helicopter deck allows for easy access and the running costs for this vessel would be astronomical; there’s even a rumour that the superyacht contains another vessel.
  3. The Eclipse – A simply stunning design, the 533ft Eclipse was the brainchild of Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire that owns Chelsea Football Club and when it was launched in 2010, it was the longest yacht in the world. It takes a crew of 85 to run this amazing vessel and with a range of 6,000 nautical miles, you can really get away from it all! If you fancy living the life of a billionaire, there is affordable yacht rental in Thailand from an established charter company, and while the vessel might not be up to this standard, it is still a luxury craft.
  4. The Dubai – It is no secret the Arabs are primarily owners of these top of the range super-vessels, and this stunning creation is the brainchild of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of U.A.E. This superb yacht can accommodate up to 24 guests in royal luxury and with 85 selected crew members, 5-star service is assured for the lucky people who receive an invite. The ship has a helipad, two motorboats, a swimming pool and many other unique features.
  5. The Dilbar – Built by the same company that created the Azzam, the Dilbar emerged in 2016, and actually has a larger volume than its sister Azzam. At a length of 512ft, this stylish superyacht came from the German shipbuilder Lurssen, who are reportedly the best in the business, and the owner, Alisher Usmanov is a Russian oligarch who is worth more than $13 billion.

If you would like to sample the high life, there are specialist charter companies that own a fleet of superyachts, and they can easily be found with an online search.

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