The NFL Is 100 Now – A Look at Some of Their Top Moments


NFL is a name that always rings a bell in any American’s mind, and rightfully so. The American football league now has 100 years of existence, making their way through history. For people who are into online sports betting, NFL teams might have been common choices on these websites, on Bossbet and not only.

Now that the team is 100, fans are even more excited about what the future will bring, and whether the league will be around for another century. But as of now, it’s nice to look back and remember some of the best moments in the history of the NFL. This post is meant to remind you about some of them.

The Introduction of the Salary Cap

It was hard for the NFL Draft to build some parity around the league. Basically, the teams had to compete after given very little money to do so. They also had to hit on every draft pick and win before making it to a free agency. Therefore, big market teams could still have a lot of power over the free agency.

But in 1994, the salary cap was introduced, after which all teams in the league were equal in free agency. The salary cap was limiting financial spending. This change leveled mostly everyone in the field.

Harshest Punishments in the NFL History

In 2012, there was a scandal that took place regarding Saints’ Bountygate. So, probably the harshest punishments in the league so far were then given by commissioner Goodell. Players such as Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, and Anthony Hargrove are suspended and then overturned on appeal. Meanwhile, coaches Gary Williams, Joe Vitt and Mike Lookis are also suspended. Not to mention, the second-round picks for the Saints in 2012 and 2013 had to be forfeited.

Expanding Overseas

It’s not unknown that it wasn’t even possible to play games overseas back in 1920. Because transportation was so difficult, especially for large teams, the idea of playing overseas was too far-fetched.

But the NFL always tried to come up with solutions, and even tried to install NFL Europe which, sadly, didn’t last. Still, they wanted to market the game in other parts of the world too, and that’s how teams are being sent to Mexico and London to play during their regular seasons.

And what’s best is that rumors have been circulating about a potential London full-time franchise establishment. Who knows, maybe we will see a London team not long from now.

Player’s Strike

In September 1987, a players’ strike was called. Due to this, Week 3 games have been canceled. This led to NFL taking replacement players to use them until the strike ends, for three weeks. Also, it was the first time the ESPN was showing NFL games too.

Seattle Seahawks’ Win

Back in 2013, during the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks have been one of the teams participating in the event. The best thing about this is that their first Super Bowl win happened here, finishing with a 43-8 rout.

Not to mention, it was the first time that the tournament happened in a cold-weather city, and outdoors in a cold city on top of that.

Final Thoughts

The NFL has made its way through history and has a lot of moments to remember. If it was able to go for 100 years, then we can say we’ll see them thriving a long time from now on as well. For those who love to bet on sports, this is surely a treat.

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