Technology mistakes are common. Just look at the thousands of data breaches in 2020 alone.

The cloud is no exception to this rule. In fact, cloud mistakes may prove even more common because the technology is comparatively new for the general public. Most cloud applications for personal or business use only came into existence in the last decade or so.

While the cloud offers many useful services, like backing up critical data, knowing the common cyber threats and common cloud mistakes will help you in protecting business data. If you’re thinking of taking your data into the cloud or using cloud services, keep reading for the common cloud mistakes.

1. Assuming Security Is in Place

Any decent cloud service provider will maintain solid security measures. That doesn’t mean you can take it as given that your data or cloud applications remain safe. Cloud hacking is an ongoing problem.

Cloud security remains vulnerable to the same kinds of social engineering problems and phishing schemes that plague internal networks. You must take precautions with things like cloud monitoring tools and security education for your employees.

2. Assuming the Cloud Is Easy

Things like cloud storage and file sharing from the cloud often give people the impression that implementing processes in the cloud will prove easy. Cloud implementation is often a deeply complicated process. A fact that many organizations learn when they try to host applications not designed around the cloud. 

You can avoid some of these problems with cloud-based DevOps through providers like this company.

3. Underestimating Bandwidth Needs

Cloud services run on bandwidth as much as they run on hardware. If you underestimate your bandwidth needs, you’ll end up with sluggish applications for your employees or customers. Make sure you analyze your needs carefully and consult with your cloud provider before settling on available bandwidth amounts.

4. Loose Access Control Policies

Many organizations grant employees overly generous access to their cloud services. Unfortunately, this also gives those employees overly generous access to any data you store in the cloud. Implement the same kind of strict access control policy for your cloud services as you do for in-house data and applications.

5. Too Little Training

Too many organizations move critical processes into the cloud without making sure they have someone in-house who understands the cloud and the service provider.

Major cloud providers don’t offer courses and certifications because putting together courses is fun. They do it to help ensure smooth operations.

Avoiding Cloud Mistakes

Cloud mistakes happen for the same kinds of reasons that most technology mistakes happen. People make assumptions about the technology or the service provider. Even worse, they approach the technology with too little information.

Never assume that service providers handle all the security or cloud implementation will prove easy. Offer training opportunities if you don’t have a cloud expert on staff. Implement good access control policies and evaluate your bandwidth needs in advance.

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