As we finally begin to draw a close to a horrendous year and look forward to 2021, what will your new year’s resolutions be?


Will you finally go on that diet and join the gym? Are you planning to take a long vacation as soon as you’re allowed to fly internationally again? Or is your plan more to do with the home front, getting sorted for the year ahead, and making some preparations? If it is the latter, this article will take you through how to achieve just that.


Why Should You Be A Prepper


Cast your mind back to this time last year, 2019, when everything seemed so much easier and less dramatic; we are willing to bet that being prepared for a pandemic was one of the furthest things from your mind, now fast forward twelve months, and we’re mid-second wave, everyone is masked-up, and washing your hands obsessively has almost become a fashion statement.


Getting Prepared


Becoming a ‘prepper’ means different things to different people. For some, it just means keeping a flashlight and a box of candles handy in case of a power out; for others, it means investing in a full-on nuclear bunker at a bug out location!


There are a hundred and one ways to be more prepared for you and your family, but here are five of the simplest ways you can start off on your prepper journey.


Protect Your Wealth


When you think ‘prepper,’ you probably have visions of a big guy with a beard dressed head to toe in camo rubbing sticks together in a woods somewhere trying to light a fire. What you probably don’t think about is your neighbor three doors down with the sensible job and family saloon car who has been protecting his wealth against a global collapse.


Now, we’re not suggesting a global collapse is on the way, but the financial market predictions for 2021 definitely look a little bleak, to say the least.


Step one on your prepper journey should always be to protect what you have now. Consider speaking to a financial advisor about wealth management and everything that entails, from healthier investments to your 401k, even investing precious metals.


Invest In Food Preparations


Food. Most of us eat too much, and we don’t consider where it comes from or what we’d do if there was a sudden disruption in the supply chain. You probably have more of an idea now, after the panic buying of this year, but have you started to stock up your food reserves in case of another disaster?


It’s always a good idea to keep some food set aside. Dried beans and rice are a staple prepper food source, but why not start out by buying a few extra tins next time you’re at the grocery store?


It doesn’t take much to upset the supply chain, and even a personal disaster like a broken leg could mean you can’t get to the store when you need to.


Get In Shape


This has to be one of the most overlooked aspects of preparing, getting in shape. Sure, it’s easy to sit behind your laptop and watch endless YouTube videos about building a bug out bag, but what would you be like if you had to run with a 40lb pack on your back and your life depended on it?


Don’t wait to find out; take advantage of the new year gym discounts, get out there, and get into shape.


Learn First Aid


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone had some level of first aid skill? Imagine the lives that could be saved by people keeping calm in a crisis?


There’s never a better time to learn first aid than right now. Some places are doing online classes to get you involved, but pretty soon, you’ll be able to book full classes again.


Go and learn how to save a life and hope you never need to use it.


Build a Get Home Bag


In the prepper world, you’ll hear various names for various bags. The Bug Out Bag (or Get Out Of Dodge) bag is the king with enough supplies to keep you alive for at least 72 hours, with food and water, but the go bag is just as important.


Pack this bag and keep it in your car; the aim of a get home bag is to have enough supplies to get you home from your regular places if needs be when disaster strikes, such as storms, floods, and more.

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