Browsing Studio Apartments for Rent? Avoid These 5 Mistakes From First-Time Renters


If you have just graduated college and you are looking forward to going out into the real world on your own, you might be excited to start looking for apartments. However, there are a few mistakes to avoid when you first browse for housing outside of your comfortable college dorm. Since your housing in college might have been paid for, lower rent, or supplied by the school, this means that you did not have to find apartments on your own.

Furthermore, the pricing structure might not have really reflected real-world prices or the inflating prices that can occur in big cities like San Francisco, Portland, and New York City. Avoid spending all your first paycheck on your rent for your apartment and keep his mistakes in mind when you are booking a studio apartment for rent for our first young professional accommodation!

5 mistakes to avoid when looking at studio apartments for rent!

Taking the first choice

Although there might be a housing shortage and you can feel like you’re going to miss out on an opportunity if you do not take it, typically the first thing that you find is not the best. For instance, if you are looking for apartments for rent in Hollywood, just because it seems perfect, you should still compare it against one other nearby studio apartments so you can compare and contrast the prices, size, location, and safety of the neighborhood.

Paying too much

The next mistake to avoid when looking at a studio apartment for rent is paying too much. Studio apartments can be very expensive in some cities – in Portland, OR, the studio apartment can be as much as around $1,100! And this is for an apartment without a bedroom! Avoid paying too much for studio rent and consider either upgrading to a one-bedroom for a bigger size with only a few more hundred dollars per month, or sharing an apartment with others in a houseshare.

Bad neighborhood

Typically, you will find that studio apartments for rent are less expensive in less desirable neighborhoods. However, if this neighborhood is unsafe and you are going to be walking home by yourself almost every day from work, then you should consider looking somewhere else. Saving money is not worth putting your safety at risk. 

No kitchen

The next mistake to avoid when it comes to browsing studio apartments for rent is choosing ones that do not have appliances in the kitchen. Some studio apartments simply have a countertop, minifridge, and mini oven cooktop – they do not have a stove, microwave, or other much-needed kitchen features. Make sure you choose a studio that has all of the necessary kitchen features you will use to cook food every day so you can save money on takeout food!

Uncomfortable bed

The last mistake to avoid is buying a studio apartment for rent that has an uncomfortable bed. This is one of the most important aspects of your apartment, as you will spend much of your time sitting on the couch and laying in bed.


When browsing a studio apartment for rent, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing the final option. Avoid choosing the first option, choosing a studio apartment with no kitchen, and selecting an apartment in a bad neighborhood!

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