Anytime is a good time for a holiday! And, if you’re scouting for your holiday destination this year, give yourself a taste of the fine British life by visiting the capital of UK and one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the world, London! Sitting pretty on the banks of the legendary Thames, London has something to offer for every kind of tourist – from history, music and culture to sports and shopping! Here’s our pick of the best things to see in this iconic city:


The Big Ben

The clock tower of the House of Parliament in London  is synonymous with the image of London. You are certain to find its mention in all of London’s brochures. This tourist attraction, which is over a 150 years old, is famous for its chimes that have been broadcast by the BBC. Tourists and locals alike look forward to hearing its iconic chimes, particularly during landmark events such as New Years’ Eve and Christmas Eve. Kickstart your London footprint with a classic image of you before the Big Ben as a keepsake photograph!


The London Eye

The Millennium Wheel, or the London Eye as it is famously known, is an observation wheels that sits at the banks of the iconic Thames river. This tourist attraction offers the highest viewpoint in London city.  Revel at the breath-taking London skyline from these capsules, that move particularly slow to allow tourists to bask in the glorious view. A complete 30 minute ride of the London Eye Is all you need to fall in love with the city. 


Live Football Match 

No trip to London is complete without an ode to its rich heritage and culture of football. What better way to celebrate the sport than by witnessing a match in the flesh! Head to the Wadham Lodge ground in Walthamstow to catch some of the best football players in the city display their talent. The upcoming Clapton Community FC, a fan-owned football club that plays the Middlesex County League is often seen pulling crowds at the Wadham stadium. 


The Buckingham Palace

Who wouldn’t want a taste of the finest royalty there is? The Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen herself and the Monarch’s Administrative centre, aside of being one of the most culturally rich palaces of the world. With 775 rooms, state of the art decor and heritage artefacts that date back centuries, the Palace is a hot tourist spot you can’t miss! Unfortunately, not all of it is open to tourists. One can visit the State Rooms and stroll around the Palace grounds to soak in its splendour. 


Madam Tussauds

Fancy rubbing shoulders with the who’s who from the world of entertainment? Well, you certainly can with their wax figurines! Madam Tussauds lets you strike a pose with Sylvester Stallone, get into sprinting position with Usain Bolt or hum a tune with Adele. Aside of its 14 interactive zones with statues of all your favourite stars, Madam Tussauds at London now also offers the Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie experience! Here’s how you can book yourself for this experience. 


St. Paul’s Cathedral

This architectural marvel is a must-do on your London tourist list. It’s breath-taking stature and rich history that dates back to the 17th century makes it a constant crowd puller. You are certain to find thousands of tourists thronging the place, many chancing on the free tour provided of this splendid church. It is also the spot for many a high profile weddings including that of Price Charles & Lady Diana. The cathedral’s dome is to this day one of most recognisable sights in the world.


Oxford Street

It’s not for nothing that Oxford street is the busiest shopping location in all of Europe. With millions of visitors a day thronging over 300 shops, oxford street is a buzzing embodiment of the London life. From the high-end departmental stores, famous designer boutiques to cosy artistic shops, this street has something in it for everyone! Shop till you drop is exactly what you will be doing at oxford street. 


Pack your bags and book your tickets to this marvellous city already!


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