Online chatting platforms are a great way to interact with people from all over the world. From video chatting, filtering strangers based on your interests and even multi-user chat rooms, these websites offer some fun features to keep you engaged and entertained. What with the current global pandemic and lack of social life, these private messaging platforms have become the best way to meet strangers online. Here’s our pick of the three best online messaging platforms you should check out: 



Chatroulette has gained tremendous popularity in the online chat rooms circle as a reliable and fun platform. With around 1.5 million users on Chatroulette, it definitely tops the charts as one of the best online chat rooms. 


This app introduces a fun twist to online video chatting. As the name suggests, the systems spins a roulette table to randomly pick strangers you can chat with. What’s more, with a large number of users, this platform certainly throws together some interesting people, providing some good conversation and entertainment. 


The interface and design of Chatroulette is also pretty sleek and simple. Recently, the platform has introduced two fun elements namely localroulette and channelroulette. The former routes users to chat rooms that are closer to their IP address, while the latter let’s them set up their own channels on the platform. The platform has also recently, in July 2020, revised its policies to prevent abuse and misconduct, flouting which can lead to a ban on users. 



Another engaging chat platform is ChatRandom, this is known for its truly random algorithm of choosing strangers from all over the world to chat with. While you don’t need to make an ID to use it, having a profile unlocks a lot of fun features that are otherwise not available. For example, when you sign up you can choose your preferences to meet a boy or a girl and avail other exciting features. 


ChatRandom also have a fun feature called 4cam. What it does is allows four users to connect and video chat a the same time. This feature is a big hit among users who would like to engage with more than one person at a time.



Omegle is arguably the most coveted chat room there is. It’s been around since 2005, so it’s safe to say that Omegle is somewhat the big daddy of the online video chatting space. Omegle let’s you stay anonymous while chatting with strangers. Alternatively, you can mention your personal information if you wish. Recently, the website came up with a really cool feature of adding your interests to find strangers with the same interests as you. That way you have something common to chat about and hit it off much faster. 


What’s more, with the current situation of isolation and limited face-to-face interaction, Omegle has become a preferred platform to “hang” with people and socialise. There are Omegle parties, Omegle performance and lots more. YouTube star Emma Chamerlain recently thee herself a birthday party on the platform. Many TikTok influencers are moving to Omegle to engage with their fans. 


Despite all the fun and frolic, any profanity, nudity or complaints from other users can lead to a ban on the website. Any action against the policies of the website also lands users a ban.  What’s more, there’s no saying how long do bans last on Omegle. It can range anywhere from a week to four months, based on the nature of the offence. Thankfully, there are ways to get around an Omegle ban and use the platform again! 


So if this period of isolation and lack of social interaction is getting the better of you, you know can head to these stellar platforms to hit up some interesting conversations & video chat with strangers! 


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