B2B eCommerce Platform: Discover a Solution To Increase Sales


The pandemic caused huge changes in the business. While many companies could only operate through traditional “offline” schemes before the pandemic, since 2020 the b2C segment had to go online in order to survive. This trend is also relevant to the b2b segment. Now the development of a b2b site has become a necessity for companies that want to keep operating, develop, and increase sales.

B2B E-Commerce Platform: benefits for business

B2B e-commerce platform — is a solution for quick development of various online solutions for wholesale businesses, ranging from b2b-portals and corporate sites to electronic trading platforms and marketplaces. B2B eCommerce platform allows to quickly configure or connect to the existing project the necessary features to solve the tasks of the company:

  • Customization and options for clients: methods to display the product catalog, pricing, payments, discounts, special offers, delivery cost and methods, assortment and units in the catalog, personal account banners, order statuses, and templates, etc.
  • Customized interface in the corporate color scheme.
  • Import and export of products data in XML, YSL, XLS format.
  • Product-matching to quickly load items and groups into the catalog.
  • A personal account for the clients with the ability to manage all orders and reservations of goods, The instant notifications of order status updates provided.
  • Integration and synchronization of data with external business solutions, like ERP, CRM, SRM, chatbots and video communication, logistic calculators, other services and sites.
  • Single-window environment to manage shipments and deliveries from various stocks and sales on various sites, including external marketplaces.
  • Billing services with secured escrow payments.
  • Automation of business processes with revision and optimization of all operations.
  • Electronic documents interchange with an electronic digital signature to approve all the documentation instantly.
  • Mobile solution to organize efficient remote work.
  • All the procedures of classical electronic trading platforms, including auctions and reductions, requests for prices and commercial offers.
  • Support and the ability to review balances, reserve goods, and place orders without assistance from managers available 24/7.
  • Marketing tools to drive demand and manage sales planning.
  • Automatic statistics gathering, report preparation, data on customers’ behavior within b2b e-commerce platform.

All these options create new opportunities for a wholesale company striving to offer its customers fast order processing, personalized offers, and the best service. What extra benefits offer the b2b e-commerce platforms to a business, and what tasks can be solved with them? Follow this link to learn more.

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