Christie’s Bid for President Is Gaining Traction at a Strange Place


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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Jeremy Murphy.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is witnessing a surge in popularity among Democrats in his bid for the presidency, despite being considered one of the less significant contenders in the Republican primary race. This unlikely cross-party appeal has emerged as a notable aspect of Christie’s campaign.In the past, Democrats viewed Christie as a bully and an opportunistic supporter of Donald Trump. However, his recent criticisms of Trump have resonated with some Democrats, who now see him as a more reasonable alternative to the former president. A July poll by The New York Times and Siena College revealed that 14 percent of Democrats, and 24 percent when including Democratic-leaning voters, expressed a likelihood of voting for Christie as the Republican nominee. This level of support among Democrats surpasses any previous polling of likely GOP primary voters since Christie entered the race.Christie’s strategy in his 2024 campaign focuses on gaining broad exposure through television appearances, regardless of the ideological leanings of the shows or podcasts. While this approach targets Republican and independent voters seeking a return to a more compromising era of politics, it also puts him in front of Democrats who may be considering a switch in party affiliation to vote for him in the GOP primary.Though Democratic support may give Christie an edge in New Hampshire, where independent voters hold significant sway in open primaries, it could pose challenges in the long run. Pollsters and GOP strategists warn that relying too heavily on non-Republican support could hinder his chances of securing the Republican nomination.Some of Christie’s supporters caution against openly courting Democrats, as it may be perceived as a lack of party loyalty, potentially alienating Republican voters. Rival campaigns, such as Ron DeSantis’, have also sought to weaponize Christie’s cross-party appeal, framing it as an attempt to appeal to Democrats and undermine Republican unity.Ultimately, Christie will need to navigate the primaries in New Hampshire, where his campaign faltered in 2016, and weigh the potential risks and rewards of pursuing Democratic support as he strives to stand out in a crowded field of GOP contenders.Despite the complexities of his cross-party appeal, Christie’s ability to garner support from Democrats adds a unique dimension to his presidential campaign and underscores the evolving dynamics of American politics.

According to a statement, “Jeremy Murphy is a sarcastic, embittered veteran of the media industry. Founder of 360bespoke, a respected boutique PR agency in New York, Murphy handles a full roster of clients in the lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and start-up fields. Previously, he was Vice President of Communications at CBS, where he worked for 14 years. There, he oversaw PR for many of its divisions and created its glossy magazine Watch. Murphy started as a journalist, working with Knight Ridder newspapers and Mediaweek. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and lives in New York with his cat, Champers.”


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