It is important to know how to iron, but sometimes this task can be frustrating since not all materials are the same. If you want to be able to properly iron, read these tips:

  1. Once the clothes have been removed from the washer, give them a shake

This will reduce the wrinkles. This applies to line drying. The reason for this is that you don’t want the clothes to bunch up and create a lot of wrinkles which will make ironing even harder. However, if you plan to use the dryer, take them out and either hang them or fold them. This way, the wrinkles won’t set in.

  1. Before you begin ironing, check if there are any stains on the iron.

This is to prevent your clothes from getting affected. These stains can be prevented by making use of the right heat settings for the different fabric types. If the iron is stained, you have to clean it before you begin.

  1. The temperature of the iron should be tested before the ironing begins in earnest.

A way to do this is to test the temperature on an inconspicuous part of the cloth. You should also be wary of the temperature before placing it on the fabric. You don’t want to end up burning your favorite shirt. For more complicated clothing, you could seek professional help in Croydon Dry Cleaning.

  1. You should plan your washing by sorting out your laundry by their temperature requirements.

This means that you should sort the clothes that require low heat to iron first, then clothes like cotton and linen that require higher heat should come next. The ironing sequence should be orchestrated and it should be followed. For example, when ironing shirts, you can begin with the sleeves before moving to the collar and back.

  1. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester don’t really require ironing.

This is because the minimum heat could end up even burning the synthetic fabrics. Instead of ironing them, you can hang them in a place like a hot shower where there is humidity. This should help to remove most of the wrinkles.

  1. Even though it’s not a necessity, a steam iron could work wonders for you.

This iron will have space to add water which turns it to steam after the iron has been plugged into a wall socket. The steam is transferred onto the fabric through small holes on the iron. This way, you won’t need to use a damp pressing cloth to get rid of wrinkles.

  1. You should always remember to drain your steam iron after you’re done ironing.

This will prevent calcium from building up in the iron. If you spray your cloth with this kind of water, it will definitely end up leaving stains.

It is also advisable that you use an actual ironing table. It isn’t advisable to iron on the bed or on top of a wooden table. This is because ironing tables are created solely to maximize the task of ironing. Every feature of the ironing table is important – from the narrow edges to the wider sides.

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