Plywood is a durable and cost-efficient building material and has more uses than you might first think. Here are seven ways in which you can use plywood.

Boat Building

You can use marine plywood to build boats and other items that are exposed to moisture for long periods of time. Marine ply is created using pine veneers and is bonded with a strong glue that’s water- and boil-proof. This extremely durable material can then be used to build boats, as well as components within the living area of the vessel. Cabinet Timbers produce marine plywood with a quality that’s second to none.

Decking and Patios

As well as boat making, marine plywood can handle all weather conditions—making it a great option for outdoor decking and patio areas. The wood can be painted or stained, so can quickly transform your garden space into a place for the whole family to enjoy.

Cabinet Making

If you love a DIY project, plywood is a great option for building cabinets and other furniture. It is highly durable and can be used to make seating furniture as well as cabinets, shelves, and more.  High-grade plywood can even be left unpainted for a rustic style.

Wall Art

As plywood can be bought already cut to size, it’s a great choice for creating unique wall art for the home. Rather than working with a lightweight canvas, you can create bright, bold and long-lasting pieces using a plywood backdrop. Alternatively, you can use the plywood as part of the art by cutting it and carving out different shapes.

This guide by Instructables shows some incredible ways to create plywood art.

WWII Fighter Planes

Though it’s not recommended that you try to build your own, during the Second World War, 7700 fighter planes were moulded with plywood. Talk about proof of durability.

You can find out more about the De Havilland Mosquito—also known as the “Wooden Wonder”—here.

Crates and Coasters

For a smaller DIY project, plywood can be cut into coasters and painted, or used to create wine holders and crates for a rustic kitchen. You can find inspiration for your home-made wine rack at SawHub.


Plywood is also a popular choice for flooring within the home. It’s incredibly easy to lay and can handle plenty of foot traffic. The wood can be cut into a thin panels or kept in squares to create a tiling effect. Plywood floors can be finished with a number of different paints and glosses to create a truly unique style for your interior. This holiday home in New Zealand has plywood floors, walls and ceilings for a cool and laid-back style.

If you have house project and think plywood could work, chances are, you’re right! Plywood is incredibly versatile for both small and large projects. Everything from a single piece of wall art to an entire kitchen renovation can be completed with this durable material. Make sure to consult the experts at Cabinet Timbers if you’re unsure about what type of plywood you need.



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