Anxiety Is Killing You Faster Than You Think; Find Out Why


You are seated in your house early in the morning, trying to have your breakfast before heading for the office. You aren’t having your breakfast, you are trying to, but for some reason, this morning, again, just like the mornings before, you cannot seem to stomach your bacon and eggs. You keep thinking about what the day at the office will be like today; you worry about the work you couldn’t complete, fear that your boss may be in an awful mood, or that your colleague will get that promotion been eyeing. You will remain stuck in the same post, and suddenly you become aware of your fast heart rate and the sweat trickling down your neck, you throw up.

In The Face Of Anxiety

Such is anxiety, frequently lost in your thoughts, unfortunately for the anxious one, the head is not a safe space; skies are always falling. You can tell what needs to change, but you are afraid that you do not have what it takes to change your circumstances. You are scared of trying because you imagine that you would not have the guts to deal with the consequences; in your head, between good and evil, the bad wins.

Can You Use Anxiety To Your Advantage?

Good news, anxiety is not all that bad; it forms the synergy and thrill we experience before a significant move or when faced with a challenge. We all feel it. Birgit Yegülalp had a great desire to live up to her wildest dreams. She only managed to work through her thriving company, Cheering With Birgit, by learning to balance her anxiety through patience and action.

Silent Ghosts Against Wildest Dreams

Birgit Yegülalp knows all about your light depressions from a personal level. Her desires were somewhat satisfied by scuba diving and sporty challenges. Nonetheless, she had to make a prudent decision to stick to her full-time job and postpone her dreams of traveling the world and starting her own company after her father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. With a heavy burden to bear, she decided to go on a journey of self-realization. See, she had once had a rough time that manifested itself in an eating addiction, which had eventually gotten her obese beyond recognition; she was aware that these were ghosts that might have been eating her up silently. 

Life Happens; Always 

When we realize that we cannot hold onto our loved ones like we usually would, we cling to the past and relive the experiences. As Birgit Yegülalp’s father continues to be ill, their relationship has changed to being close together, making Birgit’s feel a lot better especially during the last years of his father’s life. She was just in agony when his father died because their closeness lasted only for 4 years making her fall back into deep pain.

Action Against Anxiety

Many events unfolded around her simultaneously as she handled a new job in the Netherlands as a head-hunter. The shift was not easy. She remained with dreams of traveling the world and teaching scuba diving; however, this time, she decided to focus her anxiety to her advantage by showing up and never settling for less just because it is comfortable. Gathering all the lessons from her entire life experience, she took significant steps, including moving from divemaster to open water scuba diver instructor and doing her instructor development course. Later she made an even more excellent choice to work as a scuba instructor for 2 years, after which she started Cheering with Birgit, which she designed to help other people face their fears and live to their fullest.

Anxiety To Your Advantage

You can shine, your dreams are valid, your experience is leading you there, you can leave that draining job, do what you want, be patient, and feel alive. Anxiety is part of being alive; it keeps you busy. It makes your heart beat faster and sweat trickle down, not so you sit back in fear and despair, but so that you have the extra oomph to face whatever you meet on the other side of the wall. It is the invitation to author your life story.

Anxiety On The Flipside

On the flip side, anxiety will get you scared; it will feel you with darkness and fear, it will tell you there is nothing you could about it, and it tells you to stay stuck. That is how it kills you slowly; taking charge of your body and mind, and heart, consequently darkening your fears, dulling your environment, and making your society a place of doom.

At Cheering With Birgit, they have trainings that help you keep your head up high, clearly aware of your thoughts, and focused on your ultimate goal. Sometimes, all we need at the end of the day is a voice over the podcast telling you what you need to hear.


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