The biggest market in tech for investment and interest for the longest time now has certainly been within mobile, and although newer flagship devices seem to be offering little change following a number of years where big upgrades were found year-on-year, they still seem to be the huge focus of newer tech. But what has led to mobile remaining on top, and why are big changes still so heavily focussed on it?

Emerging markets are important – Whilst initial numbers are great, any investment will want longevity and constant return which is certainly something mobile has been seeing with emerging markets being a huge part of ongoing growth. The uptick of mobile didn’t come all in one giant wave and has been spread, which has certainly been a big benefit, and with the mobile market continuously growing there are always opportunities to develop for these newer emerging markets as a whole.

Accessibility has been key – Another important factor has certainly been within the ease of accessibility, something that has slowed other markets has been that adoption has been a lot lower because of price points or other difficulties in accessing the platform. But with a mobile in the pockets of everyone, and an essential part of everyday life, it has become the most accessible piece of tech many of us have access to. This has also helped a huge number of markets within mobile, the most noticeable recently has certainly been within gaming as many services have thrived over the past year – online casinos have been leading the way there particularly for mobile users, as despite adjustments to initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing player numbers, here are some sites not blocked by Gamstop that have continued to thrive, showing just how key accessibility is.

Interconnectivity has been vital too – Tech has changed to allow for interconnectivity too so now mobile devices can interact with nearly anything we can think of – a decade ago, you’d need different devices for different purposes back when you’d want an iPod and a phone just for music, for example, but that has since changed. With modern tech having their own apps too, you can simply connect your mobile to all of your day to day and continue to be a reason why mobile devices are leading the way for tech too – from your everyday appliances like your kettle, your coffee machine, to even your car – and this is part of the mobile industry that shows no signs of slowing either.

Innovation in our devices is certainly slowing now, however, as newer big features are becoming less common and so it seems as if some parts of the progress for mobile are slowing, but whilst innovation and developing may be levelling out a little, it isn’t indicative of just how successful the market still is today, and mobile looks to remain on top in the near future too.

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