Tips for Building the Best Real Estate App


Dreaming of creating an extraordinary real estate mobile platform? Let us tell you what you should bear in mind to realize your dream.

Before getting down to the developing itself, the primarily objective would be to carry out a certain market analysis to figure out key current tendencies. Our first goal today is to see what is happening at the market nowadays to think through development strategies accordingly.

2019 Real Estate Market Tendencies

# Stability

This year real estate market conditions are practically the same as in 2018. The quantity of conducted deals is kept at a similar level. Such situation isn’t a surprise, since we all know how expensive property is.

Mentioned market stabilization is quite predictable, since over the previous decade the investment amount kept growing. Thus, today we’re experiencing the consequences when prices go down a little bit and only fewer transactions are conducted. That’s a worldwide tendency. Due to such phenomenon being cycling, we had something similar in 2009.

# Eco-friendly

As a matter of fact, caring for environment is turning out to be indispensable in the world of real estate. The audience pays more attention to “green issues”, thus, app owners shall consider such circumstances.

# Innovations

Having innovative technologies among real estate trends, the market is becoming intelligent. It’s a common case for given platforms to include multiple sensors, artificial intelligence solutions, robots, and much more. World-famous market leaders implement smart home technologies and similar methods.

Do you want your creation to be among top services? Figure out what innovations you could implement and how to install them in the best possible way.

# Amazon activities

There’s some unofficial information that Amazon might get on real estate market by acquiring a hotel chain. In case they do so, it could cause significant transformations in that area.

The real estate world realizes that Amazon, having a huge database with personal information, including vacations details, on over 300 mln users, will manage to provide customers with the most optimal and appealing offers ever.

Mobile services also allow collecting some information on users to give them what they need. Make sure your brainchild does that too.

# Data protecting

Today’s technologies possess vital information on customers. Programs can scan fingerprints, recognize faces, measure body temperature, etc. Therefore, data security gets more important than ever. Your audience has to feel comfortable applying the program, that’s why make sure it’s safe.

Well, now when you know what’s going on in real estate sector we shall devote our time to critical characteristics for your property service to own.

Key aspects which the best real estate platform must have

While working on your program you have to have a clear understanding of what functions your service shall include. We’d like to draw your attention to the below list to think how you could implement them to the best advantage of you and your audience.

  • Customers’ accounts

It makes sense to start with this point, since it’s the first thing your future users will experience in your app. Customers need their accounts be simple and convenient, so they could do what they need. And you as the owner need to gather some users’ data to come up with special deals for your clients.

Figure out how your application could meet all those needs. And don’t forget about the possibility to register through social networks – your users will appreciate that.

  • Catalogues

It’s important for a good real estate service. With the help of properties cards provided in those catalogues, the audience will get access to pictures and brief descriptions to get the first impression of specific facilities.

  • Filters

That’s a great instrument for facilitating searchings and sortings. You could use multiple criteria for such purpose, say, by price, date, or even an option of organizing items alphabetically, etc. Your users will enjoy such possibilities.

  • Geolocation

What a great idea to provide your audience with online maps where some important facilities – say, stores, schools, social facilities, etc. – are marked. Do you know what else could be highly appreciated? – The possibility to build a specific route from point A to point B.

  • Viewing on demand

Such options turn out to be extremely handy when users happen to be close to the house or an apartment they’d like to see. Having “Showing on Demand” feature will help your audience avoid wasting time and waiting. The service will give customers contact information on local realtors to get in touch in order to see the facility right away.

To make that work the program requires a geocolation solution.

  • Stay in touch with customers

We know very well how much users enjoy various ratings and comments. If you want your program to be more appealing, let your audience rate the experience they had with a certain realtor, for example. That will do to better users’ experience and to enhance their loyalty. Isn’t it what you’re looking for?

  • Chats

Don’t neglect the communication aspect. To stay in contact with your users you could easily apply chats. Customers like to know that they can get in touch 24/7 even if they’ll never have a need for that. And you can simply use chatbots. Those are special schemes, and by programming them in a certain way they can answer users’ frequently-asked questions.

Chatbots serve for users to get their answers right away, meanwhile, realtors have more time to prepare great deals for customers.

  • Notifications

Today you can hardly imagine a mobile application without such parameter, and we understand why it’s so common. Push notifications represent a great tool to keep the audience updated on specific facilities they’re interested in.

  • QR code

Being creative and proactive real estate agencies put QR code on their billboards. By scanning such codes using their cell phones customers learn everything they need on that facility. That’s a very practical functionality.

Those features will surely improve your platform making it one of the best services. However, all your efforts can die in vain, in case you don’t take care of your interface. Work on it to ensure it’s intuitive and customer-oriented.

And, finally, not the last thing to take into account is your platform monetization. Well-thought-out strategy is what you need to make your program be a great source of income. Advertising could be one of the tools. You simply need to find someone wishing to promote a certain brand by means of your application. Light & Pro will work as well offering your audience free-of-charge and paid solutions.

We hope our recommendations will help you succeed.


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