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Real estate investment firm Queen City Buyer invests in more than houses these days, says the company’s founder and CEO Matt York. The company’s innovative “Giving Back” program donates a portion of the profits from each house they buy to a charity of the seller’s choice.

Cincinnati has done so much for me,” says York. “I’m extremely proud to call this place home, and I will continually give back to the city and its residents. It’s our top priority,” he says. At least five percent of the company’s monthly earnings go toward charities, York disclosed.

Queen City Buyer purchases houses in the greater Cincinnati area for cash and pays all closing fees, allowing sellers to close quickly at a price based on the value of the home after repairs. Since Queen City Buyer has the resources to repair any house—even those in poor condition—they can make sellers a better offer than other companies in their niche, York points out.

After the company buys the house, they repair it and re-sell it to another buyer. When that sale happens, a percentage of the profits goes directly to a charity the original seller specified.

As far as York knows, no other area house-buying company has a similar program. Queen City Buyer recognizes each buyer and their chosen charity on both its website and its social media platforms. “I wanted to make it possible for those who may not otherwise have the resources,” York explains, “to have an opportunity to give to charity and be recognized for their generosity.” Matt is constantly seeking out other national “wealth sharing” companies in hopes to team up and make a massive impact in aiding communities.

York started Queen City Buyer to create generational wealth for his children. When York says “wealth,” though, he doesn’t only mean money. He explains, “I want to teach my kids how to work hard and help others in the process.”

These efforts have already begun to pay off, it seems. York’s son, Oliver, has already taken an interest in the company’s doings, York says. “He’ll pick up a hammer from time to time and always wants to go with me when I inspect a home,” he adds. At the tender age of two, Oliver is already attempting to clock in and get his hands dirty.

Queen City Buyer is a Cincinnati-based, house-buying company that provides its clients with the opportunity to sell their house for cash and avoid the hassle, wait, and paperwork involved in listing with a real estate agent. They base each offer on the house’s projected after-repair market value to ensure each client will get a fair offer. The company’s wide-ranging experience, real estate knowledge, and a large network of resources make it possible to offer sellers a better price than other companies in the area.

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