New Version of Bulk Property Data Solution Covering 105 M Households Across the Country


A real estate data analyst is looking for hundreds of data points on all homes sold in the last 12 months in the state of Illinois. She is just one of many across the real estate, insurance, mortgage lending, and home services industries on Estated’s bulk data wait list. Now she has just the short time it takes for Estated to process and deliver her request with the launch of their new and improved bulk data solution.

The launch of Estated’s bulk data product improvements has property professionals on the edge of their seats. With bulk data, you can request a specific geography, such as city, state, or county, and receive every available property in that location along with its transactional and structural data—all conveniently delivered to your inbox.

“You won’t find a simpler solution to bulk property data anywhere else. I’ve been researching this space for over 5 years and a simple, affordable, competitive solution doesn’t exist. Legacy providers have lengthy negotiations, exorbitant monthly/annual minimums, and endless restrictions with licensing. We’ve opened up a new market for SMB’s to access quality, up-to-date property data,” said Joshua Fraser, founder and CEO of Estated. “Our customers are the true innovators. We are just excited to be able to help them do so by continually building better solutions.”

Estated’s bulk data product now has the following:

  • AVM – Property valuation is a critical data point in high demand.
  • More coverage – Estated’s bulk solution offers access to data on over 105 million single-family and multi-family U.S. properties.
  • Speedy and convenient delivery – Estated is streamlining the traditional enterprise sales process, fulfilling data requests quickly and securely.

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