Luxury 100% Vegan Backpack Campaign for Women on the Go


Today, Laflore launched a crowdfunding marketing for bobobark, an eco-friendly and versatile designer backpack handcrafted from cork skin. Created for modern women on the go, it can be worn three stylish ways and offers supreme organization (including laptop and phone pockets). bobobark is now available for the early bird price of $179 on Kickstarter ($279 retail).

bobobark is the creation of Elie Seroussi, a 30-year fashion industry veteran and founder of Cecile and Jeanne Paris, and his daughter, designer Natacha Seroussi. Designed in Paris, bobobark’s convertible straps allow it to be worn as a backpack, briefcase, or shoulder bag and is designed for any occasion.

“My father and I set out to design a bag that merges fashion and nature, ethics and aesthetics. Growing up in Paris surrounded by beautiful craftsmanship, I wanted to design a bag that not only honors Parisian sensibilities but is also a practical, fashionable choice for modern women,” says founder Natacha Seroussi. “The future of our planet is important to us, which is why bobobark is also 100% vegan and sustainable. Each bag is handmade to a high standard, as we know the most sustainable bag is one you’ll never have to replace.”

bobobark is crafted from organic cork fabrics found in nature. The premium cork skin is collected from Oak forests in Portugal and polished until the texture is as soft and as supple as leather. It’s waterproof, softens with age, and is as durable as leather – but three times lighter. Cork collection is a zero waste industry (leftovers are transformed into chipboard) and takes place every 7-9 years, actually helping the trees grow and release more oxygen.

bobobark is designed to optimize organization and keep belongings safe and secure. A clamshell clasp opens 180 degrees while a large zippered pocket at the center acts as a divider of the main compartment. A 13” laptop padded compartment and connected pocket are accessible from inside and out, and extra zippers and pockets let the wearer organize her treasures the way she likes.

Elie and his daughter Natacha share a passion for design and fashion, as well as mutual concern for our environment’s future. Laflore stands for luxury and sustainability, so women never again have to choose between style and ethics.

“The compromise between fashion and ethics stops with bobobark,” says Laflore co-founder Elie Seroussi. “I’m proud to use my experience in the fashion industry to join forces with my daughter to offer the world beautiful garments and accessories that honor quality, Parisian design, and the earth.”

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