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The historical journey of buttons is almost as old as the history of human clothes. There were buttons excavated in both Ancient Rome and China that are believed to date back to the era of Bronze Age. The history of buttons in garments during the first millennium was deemed to be a significant, productive, and breakthrough technology during that time. While they are often forgotten and taken for granted every now and then, buttons became more popular and in demand during other periods across different cultures.

During ancient times, the main purpose of buttons was to serve as décor pieces on the garments of noble and affluent men. Buttons then rose to a cult status when the 18th and 19th centuries when came. It was after the end of the World War II when they substantial functional value was recognized and by then, buttons were primarily as fasteners for shirts and jackets.

Majority of today’s buttons are used mainly on jackets, dress shirts, pants, blazers, shirt dresses, casual button down shirts, and a whole lot more.

If you want to buy custom engraved blazer buttons, it is best to make yourself familiar with the most common button types and the functions they play to improve how garments look.

Mother of Pearl Buttons

Mother of pearl buttons are the leading choice of makers of top of the line blazers that help them achieve that more traditional look. This kind of buttons is made with the use of nacre or the oyster’s inner layer. These buttons are trendy because of their sparkling color that makes them wonderful eye-catching details for blazers.

Metal Buttons

Metal buttons tend vary a lot when it comes to the specific types of materials used ranging from zinc, gold, brass, silver, steel, and alloy and with processes that usually involve machining, heat stamping,   die casting, and molding.

What makes metal buttons great is that there is no need for you to be worried that they will deteriorate due to washing procedures because these are among the strongest buttons with the highest durability levels.

Depending on the application and finishing used, metal buttons can also showcase classical designs with patinated finishes or modern aesthetics with polishes. Since metal is often linked with precious metals’ strength and durability, you can expect metal buttons to make your blazers stand out from the rest.

Interchangeable Buttons

Thanks to the continuous developments of technology and with the improved manufacturing precision, interchangeable shirt buttons can now be used as accessories for your blazers so you can flaunt your unique style. The introduction of these buttons lets you swap the styles of buttons for all types of occasions in a snap of a finger with no need to sew anything. This no sew system that is still waiting or its patent makes it possible to attach permanent high grade polymer fasteners you can combine with your chosen button’s interchangeable face designs. Interchangeable shirt buttons have different materials and finishes to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Plastic Buttons

Plastic buttons are crafted from different polymers and can copy all types of button materials with quality being their only difference. Many of today’s common polymer buttons are made from nylon, acrylic resin, or polyester. Polyester as well as acrylic resin is generally great materials due to their vibrant colors and cost efficiency although they are prone to chipping and deterioration time.

While most people don’t really pay attention to buttons when buying blazers, these small items are visible focal points that can make you stand out from the crowd.


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