Life is unpredictable and the chances of facing disagreeable situations are quite high. Truly, you can’t change the course of life but, you may alter the consequences in a smart way. For this, all you need is to remain well-informed. The same is true in case of personal injury.

One of the most commonly faced problems in your daily life is personal injury. Sometimes you land in situations that not only hurt you physically but also in terms of money. The problem may crop up from the negligence of others. However, to find a solution becomes your onus.

So, what to do and where to go? These are some of the questions that you need to ponder today and not tomorrow. The best way to start is to gain a fair knowledge of the personal injury.

Personal injury

Any injury that is caused by the faults of others becomes a personal injury. From dog bites to vehicle accidents, all are types of personal injury. It is a broad term that encompasses many things. Here are some of the major types of personal injury cases:

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Read through or below-mentioned pointers to get a gist of some of the major types of personal injury cases:

Vehicles Accident Injury

Personal Injury caused by vehicles is quite common. Accidents with automobiles can happen anytime.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it but you can mitigate your pain with personal injury claims. No need to fret about it. Just get in touch with a lawyer whose area of ​​expertise lies in Personal injury. For instance, Attorney Thomas Feiter is widely considered to be one of the top attorneys in Central Florida. You may contact them and they will guide you with varied types of vehicle accident injury.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is cool but the injuries are not. Sometimes it leads to severe damage, thereby leaving an indelible mark in your life. Accidents by a motorcycle can even cause permanent alterations in your body. Under such circumstances, you need to get immediate medical help to avoid lifelong injury.

Car accidents

Driving a car and meeting an accident is so probable yet many of you forget to take it seriously. It is not just about traffic deaths but also about availing medical insurance claims from your insurance company.


Bonus Tip: Do you know that in case you forget to seek medical help within 14 days, then you might have to forego certain insurance benefits.


Truck Accidents

Accidents by heavy vehicles like a truck could be catastrophic. It can lead to myriad problems not only for you but for your family. You ought to avoid it but in case it happens, then better get in touch with a lawyer. You must have someone on your side to help you protect your rights.


School Bus Accidents

The safety of your child is your priority. That is why you leave them in the safe hands of the school authority. In case of a school bus accident, the school authority puts the life of your child in jeopardy. Sometimes, it becomes complicated and you are left with no option other than a lawsuit. As a parent, you may seek relevant legal actions that can cover the expenses of a school bus accident injury.


Apart from an auto accident injury, there are many other types of personal injury cases. These are:


Slip and fall

Falling on the floor of a workplace or any other place owned by someone else falls under the slip and fall type of personal injury. Workplace accidents can leave you with no options. That is why it is advisable to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Pedestrians are also vulnerable and can face an accident anytime. A heavy vehicle or even a small automobile can cause your accident while walking on the crossing. It doesn’t make a difference. Your lawyer can file a personal injury suit.


Note: In case a pedestrian dies the lawsuit becomes a wrongful death.


Dog bites

A dog attack is not fun when it leads to a serious injury. In fact, sometimes a dog bite could be fatal if you seek no medical help. Definitely, dogs can’t be dragged to a court of law. However, a dog owner could be held responsible for injuries caused by a dog. So, this time if you or your friend gets attacked by a dog then contact a lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will help you out in seeking personal injury claims in the best way possible.


Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation can be life-threatening for your child. It can leave permanent scars on your child’s skin. In case you find bed bugs in a hotel where you are staying then you may sue the hotel owner for personal injury. You may also sue your apartment owner and seek a personal injury claim for a rented apartment.


Nursing home abuse

A long-term care facility for an elderly person is an abode where they expect proper care and treatment. However, there are times when the nursing home facility fails to provide it. Instead, an elderly person gets harmed. Your loved ones can get traumatized by such accidents. They can even get permanently disable which can enhance your worries.


Sadly, most of these injuries are avoidable but due to negligence, such incidents happen frequently. You must not ignore anything like this and try to figure out who is responsible for such mistreatments.


Medical Malpractice

It doesn’t matter whether it is a surgeon, a physician, or any other medical practitioner. The only thing that matters is that you have been a victim of medical neglect. Technically, medical malpractice and personal injury are different. A law practitioner can help you in understanding the difference and will help you file the relevant legal suit.


Sometimes injuries also result from a defective product. In such cases too, your attorney may help you to seek a personal injury claim.


As of now, you must have got an idea of ​​types of personal injury. However, it is always prudent to seek legal counsel when trapped in any such situation. Always remember that problems are unavoidable but a fruitful outcome is possible. You just need to stay informed.



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