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Being a mother isn’t easy, but being a working mom comes with additional challenges. This is especially true for single mothers. Trying to balance work with your responsibilities as a parent can sometimes be too much handle. Usually, mothers choose online ways of income like freelance writing jobs, but a lot of them want to work for big companies too. Luckily, there are companies out there that understand this dilemma. Here are some of the best organizations for working mothers. 

Fleishman Hillard

Leadership is entirely responsible for a company’s organizational structure, which includes its culture. Fleishman Hillard has theirs down pat with plenty of female executives and managers who push this PR agency to great heights. 

Just shy of 60% of their offices are run by women, half of their C-suite roles are occupied by women, and ten out of seventeen seats on the leadership are (you guessed it) women. This company offers an empowering environment for working mothers but, more importantly, your boss is going to understand that you’ve got another full-time job at home. 


Genentech is known for their generous nature when it comes to their employees. They offer a ton of ways to grow in your career or as a person, including:

  • Free assistance programs
  • Confidential counseling
  • Financial and legal advice
  • And tuition assistance of up to $10,000 a year

Now, you might be wondering how that helps a working mother with absolutely no time on her hands. While you’re ensuring a positive future for your and your child, Genentech provides an on-site childcare center. 

Cisco Systems

The first feature Cisco offers working moms is lactation rooms, allowing new mothers to pump in comfort and privacy. These rooms are carpeted, include a comfy chair, and even have support pillows. There’s also a mini-fridge, sink, and Cisco IP phone in each. Add that to flexible time off, PTO days that carry over, and an excellent 401k match. 

Johnson & Johnson

The company that creates necessities for children gets moms, so much so that they have accolades for it. There’s an internal social community dedicated to assistance for mothers, aid for juggling your work-life balance, and a whopping fifteen weeks of paid maternity leave. They also offer $20,000 per child for adoption and surrogacy as well as $35,000 in fertility assistance.

As the name suggests, Care actually cares for their employees. Working mothers can take advantage of twelve weeks paid maternity leave, generous PTO, and an exceptional health insurance plan. There’s also on-site manicures and chair massages to help you relax.

It doesn’t end there, though. Care also provides discount pet insurance, free snacks, full-service dry cleaning, transportation shuttles, and an on-site gym. There are a lot of companies that drive mom’s to need employment law attorneys. Care is not one of them. 

So Much More

These are just a few of the best companies out there for working mothers. American Express, Patagonia, Deloitte, and the SAS Institute also rank high in benefits and perks. If you’re tired of working for a company that just doesn’t understand your role as a parent, then make the switch to one that will. 

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