These Dirty Dozen Employers Will Shock You


Each year, a dirty dozen are chosen by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) as the worst employers to work for in the nation. From unsafe working conditions placing communities at risk, you will be shocked at what these employers get away with. Here’s the dirty dozen for 2019. 


It should come as no surprise that Amazon makes the list again this year. Despite Jeff Bezos’ near unimaginable wealth, the company continues to underpay workers and provide inhumane working conditions. Here are the dirty dozen highlights:

  • Six worker deaths in seven months
  • High suicide rate among employees
  • Loss of income after on-the-job injuries
  • Workers urinating in bottles to meet demand 

Atlantic Capes Fisheries and BJs Services

Located in Cape May, New Jersey as well as River, Massachusetts, this duo of a company has a sickening list of misogynistic practices they seem A-Okay with. Do any of these turn your stomach?

  • Women exposed to unwanted touching and crude comments
  • Solicitations for sex
  • Two women who complained were fired immediately
  • A $675,000 settlement with the EEOC to cover it all up

Bedrock Detroit

Owned by billionaire Dan Gilbert, Bedrock Detroit is a hotbed for safety violations. More importantly, its owner doesn’t think that he needs to follow regulations or safety standards. Aside from their violations costing $3,500 and battles with premises liability lawyers, Gilbert continually runs campaigns to slip through the cracks and control inspectors. 

Integra Health Management, Inc. 

This company made the list with one disturbing headline. A 25-year old social service worker named Stephanie Ross had reported safety concerns about a previous in-home visit. When sent out again later to meet with another client, Integra sent her alone despite her asking that someone come with her. She was stabbed to death by the patient. 

XPO Logistics

Most employees at XPO Logistics work in warehouses. Unfortunately, the conditions in these buildings are atrocious. One worker died at their Memphis location, while another six women suffered miscarriages due to exposure to extreme heat. When workers formed a union to demand better treatment, the company simply closed the warehouse down.

Facebook, Accenture, Cognizant, Prounlimited, and Tech Solutions

Facebook and its affiliated companies hire moderators to monitor hate speech, pornography, images of suicide, and more for long hours at a time. Each of these moderators is underpaid, drawing the eye of wage and compensation attorneys

Their workers, who spend their office days like rats in a cage, also have next to no mental health support compared to other tech companies. What little they do have access to is stripped away as one after the next leaves their position for better conditions in the same industry. 

Johns Hopkins Hospital

While they supposedly “wrote the rules on patient safety,” Johns Hopkins has come under fire for abusive treatment in their facilities. Four out of every five workers report acts of violence carried out by other employees, with one in four saying their complaints fall on deaf ears. Well, are you shocked and sickened yet? 

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