Characteristics of Education in Kindergartens


Kindergarten is the earliest stage of education applied in our society. It is also known as pre-school in which kids are started to learn about knowledge before going to a higher level. The kindergarten educational system may be different from one place to another. In some countries, their kindergarten may only be about playing and singing. But in some others, the kids start to read and write there. There are so many theories about how the kindergarten education system should be. 

But generally, there are some characteristics of the teaching and learning process for preschool students. So, in case you want to choose a kindergarten for your kids, make sure that the curriculum has some following characteristics.

Learning, Playing, and Singing

Kindergarten students are not directed to learn or play only, they must get both. More importantly, they must have fun at school and finding that learning is a very interesting activity. Sure, it is because they do it through playing. That’s why; a kindergarten must be equipped with toys and other facilities to support their learning-and-playing things. Not to forget, they also learn to sing in which it is also a medium to play as well. This way, kids can learn about the world through all of their senses.

Focus on Children’ Development

The human’s development never ends. But it started as early as possible. After their toddler stages, children start to use all their senses and perceptions even more. So, the kindergarten stage is a stage where their body and soul are developed or rapidly. Therefore, education must also focus on it. This matter becomes the base for teachers to design, apply, and evaluate all activities inside and outside the classroom.

Focus on Children Themselves

Children’s development is a very important point in kindergarten. But something which is not less important is children themselves as individuals. The activities must also encourage and motivate students to be active. They must have chances to explore their creativity and express what they want and feel. This education characteristic encourages students to learn through direct experiences with the objects. Additionally, their physics are also trained well to let them be healthier and more cheerful individuals.

Motivate Children to Socialize

One of the main purposes of kindergarten is that students can socialize with friends of the same age. It is with an assumption that they may not have that chance at home. So, aside from learning about things that focus on their intelligence, students also learn to gather with others and how to treat their friends well. Children in a classroom must have different characteristics and behaviors. The teacher should see and direct all of them in positive ways. This is how children can develop well until they are adults.

Are reading and writing needed on this stage?

It is a question that is asked by many parents. Do their children start reading and writing in kindergarten? The best answer is yes. But based on the explanation in the previous point, they learn it through playing. Therefore, these activities will not burden them at all.


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