Choosing Technology — The Latest Craze or the Tried and Trued?


By the Price of Business Show, Media Partner at The Daily Blaze.

Kevin Price, Host of the Nationally Syndicated Price of Business Show, recently visited with business coach and contributor, David Whitfield.

Technology is hot and many people in business are starving for the “next new thing.”  But is that a good strategy for success?  David Whitfield challenges that thinking and argues one should let others pay more for the newest thing and be the guinea pig to the technology companies to figure out what is wrong with it.  What should you use and avoid?  Whitfield and Price go into detail in this timely conversation.

According to the Price of Business:

“David is one of only 1000 Founding Circle Members of The John Maxwell Team, a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, he has presented internationally in The UK, Japan, China and the US.

“He is an award-winning Marketer, Networker, Speaker and 2-time Author.

“With 23 year of business and consulting experience,  he has been heard on syndicated Radio, seen on cable and broadcast television and published in The Houston Business Journal, the Houston Chronicle, Your Houston Business Magazine, The Blaze and several other newspapers and newsletters.”

Here is that interview in its entirety.

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