Christina Applegate’s MS and 40 Lb Weight Gain, Is There a Connection?



Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

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When did empathy disappear and how can we bring it back?  Where are the kudos for the health challenges Hollywood actress Christina Applegate has endured?.


In 2008, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment included a double mastectomy and after she recovered, she underwent genetic testing, revealing she was at risk of developing the disease.  Then in the summer of 2021, she revealed she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative autoimmune disease. She first began experiencing numbness and tingling in her limbs, and later struggled while filming the Emmy-nominated Netflix series, “Dead To Me.” After receiving the diagnosis on the set, the production of the show was halted for five months while Applegate received treatment.


The topic of living with MS hits very close to home for me. A few years before  Christina began her stint on the television show,  “Married with Children” in 1987,  I began having symptoms of multiple sclerosis, only to be diagnosed a few years later in my early 20’s.  I understand how overwhelming, frustrating and scary a life limiting diagnosis can be.


Christina has publicly talked about the condition in an interview with The New York Times, revealing that she first began noticing symptoms of MS many years ago. The actress began experiencing difficulty with walking and losing her balance, and she also discovered that she was having trouble while playing tennis. She initially dismissed the symptoms and continued to work as normal. 

MS is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system. The condition affects the spinal cord, where the immune system affects the myelin, which surrounds our nerves. It causes scarring, which slows down and blocks brain to body signals. As a result, the person will experience a variety of problems such as walking, standing, and controlling bladder and bowel movements.

In addition to disease modifying medications, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise suitable for you with your doctor’s guidance..  Finding ways to reset your mindset.  Remember, what we tell ourselves is what our brain believes. Believing we can be healthy and well again is important.  Eating a healthy diet with fresh organic fruits and vegetables will help your body operate at a higher level. Create your circle of five, the five people that will listen, understand and support you.

Wendy Bjork, founder of is a pioneer in advocacy and mentorship.  Wendy is leading a global revolution of women walking in purpose and peace as she illumines their path ahead with the light of HOPE. (Harmony, Options, Peace & Empowerment,)

She empowers women to step into their boldness, stand in their resilience and own their Truth.  Through Wendy’s guidance, they are finally seen, heard and understood.

Wendy has authored two books and co-authored a third, “Fired Up!,” a #1 International bestseller. She is a regular contributor on the digital platforms and to the National MS Society’s Momentum Magazine.  She is regularly invited on discussions, podcasts, interviews as she shares her story and hope to inspire others.


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