Signs You May Have a Problem with Alcohol


Many people drink alcohol as a way of passing their free time. But alcoholism becomes a

disaster if you cannot control the amount or frequency of your alcohol intake. There are certain

features that define the use of alcohol and if it’s becoming a problem in your life.


Those who struggle with alcoholism start to lose control or find it hard to cope with without

having to take a drink. Family members, employer, or close friends are usually the first to notice

a problem with alcohol. The best solution is usually to get alcohol help and there are many

institutions and individuals eager to lend a helping hand.


Alcohol use can lead to many problems affecting your professional and personal life. Prolonged

use of alcohol can also lead to serious health complications that can expose the abuser to life-

threatening consequences. Denial is the main issue why many people don’t get the right help or

treatment for alcoholism.


Many alcohol users blame other circumstances for their excessive use rather than acknowledging

they have a problem. By refusing to recognize the negative consequences of alcohol, you are

preventing yourself rom living a sober and healthy life. It’s best to stop making excuses and

make life changing decisions, more so get alcohol assistance.


Signs You Have Alcohol Problem

There are notable warning signs to help detect potential alcohol abuse. Many of these signs are

recognizable while others are hard to identify. The severity of your alcohol abuse may also

contribute to the warning signs that a person may exhibit.


Mild alcohol abuse may be easily overlooked, but it can turn dangerous with time. There are

early signs of alcohol problem you shouldn’t ignore. They include:


  1. You Vow to Quit Drinking Alcohol, but You Don’t

Anyone who has used alcohol before will attest that they have had a bad experience with alcohol.

You may have been involved in fights, get physically ill, or started a relationship with the wrong


person. Many people will vow never to drink again, but they don’t stop consuming alcohol



  1. Your Social Life Revolves Around Drinking Alcohol

It is not wrong to have drinks with friends, but it may be a problem if you just want to socialize

around drinks. You will frequent alcohol joints just to spent time with friends as part of an

evening plan.


  1. You Find Yourself in Risky Situations

You put yourself or someone else in danger or bad situations while drinking. Drunk driving has

led to deaths of many people due to alcohol-related driving crashes. Being under the influence of

alcohol as led to injuries, unsafe sex, or emergency room visits.


  1. Personality Changes

People will describe your personality in many ways when drinking than when sober. It is a

problem when you are drunk as you become overexcited, violent and loud. Many times, alcohol

is used to hide anxiety, stress, and depression. It lead to extreme shift in one’s personality.


  1. Memory Loss

Memory lapses are quite common among many people with alcohol problem. Many won’t

remember a thing the following day after a night of drinking.


To Sum Up

If you think you have a problem with alcohol use, then you need help. Support groups such as

Alcoholics Anonymous have helped many people quit alcohol and start leaving a sober life. You

can also work with professional counselors, therapists, or enroll into inpatient rehabilitation

programs and get the best alcohol help.

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