Computer Eye Strain? Rain Eyedrops Shares How to Take Care Of Your Vision


Rain Eyedrops is completely preservative-free. This is a quality you rarely find among over-the-counter eyedrops.

In 2020, several people had to stay at home in line with lockdown directives that were put in place to guard against the spread of COVID-19. With more time being spent at home and most activities being shifted to digital platforms, screen time for most people increased exponentially.

From getting entertained with Netflix to attending important meetings on Zoom, there were countless activities to keep one on the phone or behind a computer. This higher screen time has however had its drawbacks. It has taken a toll on the eye health of many people, causing conditions like dry eye.

To address this problem, the RAIN brand came up with a product called Rain Eyedrops. The product was developed to help people manage eye strain from lengthy screen time. We were able to interview a spokesperson from the RAIN brand and we asked him questions regarding the product.

What is computer eye strain?

Computer eye strain is also known as computer vision syndrome. This condition is what occurs when one’s eyes have to work harder than usual to make out images of text. It is usually as a result of viewing digital screens for a lengthy period and it can lead to the development of more serious vision problems.

Can one also get dry eyes from using a computer?

Indeed, you can get the dry eye condition from length usage of your computer or even your phone. It is unhealthy to have the light from the screens of your phone and computer being emitted into your eyes all day.

However, this is the reality of so many people. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that many people experience eye strain and dryness after the day’s work.

Tell us more about the dry eye condition

Several people battle the problem of dry eyes yearly. It is extremely uncomfortable and it even stings sometimes. The dry eye condition is usually caused by the lack of adequate tears in the eyes. It could also be a result of low-quality tears that cannot effectively moisturize the eyes.

The role tears play in the eyes of immense importance. Tears wash away foreign particles that might result in irritation of the eyes and also protects the eyes from infection. Thus, when there is a lack of tears in the eyes, inflammation and infection could occur.

How can one protect one’s eyes while using a computer?

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent eye strain and dryness while using your computer. You could make use of dedicated anti-glare glasses when using your computer. Also, you should blink often and take a good number of breaks to give your eyes a rest.

One of the most effective things you can do, however, is to make use of eye drops like Rain Eyedrops. Rain Eyedrops, when used, will help keep your eyes lubricated during working hours which reduces the risk of eye strain and dryness.

Protect Your Eyes With Rain Eyedrops

Why opt for Rain Eyedrops for remedy?

Rain Eyedrops is a product we developed in 2020 to help manage the symptoms and discomfort of dry eyes. We call this the #1 artificial tear drop product and that is not a baseless claim. This product stands out in so many ways.

For one, Rain Eyedrops is completely preservative-free. This is a quality you rarely find among over-the-counter eyedrops. It is this quality that makes Rain Eyedrops completely safe for daily use without any risk of experiencing a damaging side effect.

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