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Mic plays an important role in connection with the PC/Mac. It is required for real-time communication, recording podcasts, online games and so on. For each type of task, it is advisable for the user to choose special types of equipment. It can differ in type of construction, build quality and consumables, price, functionality, type of connection (3.5 mm or USB) and so on. We picked up a few examples of good, balanced computer mics that will satisfy the needs of wide range of users’ categories.

Blue Microphones Yeti

This USB mic is known as an expert solution for bloggers, dubbing studios and anyone who cares about uncompromising audio quality at the right price. Pleases with a stylish appearance at a glance. The body, protective net and mic stand are made of metal. This model is resistant to mechanical stress. There is a built-in mic directional switch. There are 3 recording capsules inside the device, which allows user to turn on the different types of sound capture mode. BMY has its own sound card, which is automatically configured after connecting the USB cable to the PC/Mac.

Trust MICO USB Microphone (20378)

One of the best budget universal solutions for home use. This best PC mic provides outstanding functionality at a very tempting price. The quality of the materials used and assembly are relatively low, but the device will last a lot of time with proper care. Audio quality is very high for the presented price category. There is an adapter that provides both types of connection – 3.5 mm and USB. This device is ideally suited for conversations, streams, basic tasks of capturing sound at the same time.

Shure Motiv MV88+

Not just a mic, but a whole video recording kit created by a well-known brand. A small financial investment for an expert-use category will bring the user a premium digital condenser stereo tool for organizing setup for home or any kind of “field” conditions. The set includes a tripod, a clip for a smartphone, USB Type-C and Lightning cables, as well as a neoprene case. There are many pleasant things: a stylish metal case, headphone out, free specialized recording tools and so on.

Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT

Not just a mic, but an expert level mono headset with a full-size earphone and a condenser microphone. Its characteristics are impressive: the frequency range (10 Hz – 30,000 Hz) goes beyond the limits of human hearing, and the sensitivity and clarity of sound provide the nice sound quality. The price tag is relatively high, but this is justified by the overall quality and respect to detail.

Sennheiser GSP 300

Let’s also look at an example of a headset for gamers. These are comfortable full-sized headphones that are characterized by outstanding convenience in the context of comfort during prolonged wearing. The mic accurately transmits sound and mutes when tilted up in auto mode. This is a very convenient feature that would be worth introducing to all brands. There is a built-in protection against extraneous noise.


It is very difficult to make a large-scale slice of information in a small article. Nevertheless, we hope that these examples of the best mics for the computer will help everyone who is faced with the issue of buying equipment to decide on the priorities and prices.


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