Crystal Lagoons Enter two New Projects in Bolivia


Mar Adentro and Playa Turquesa are the two residential real estate projects that consolidate in Bolivia  Crystal Lagoons® , a water innovation multinational, whose unique technology in the The world allows to develop crystalline lagoons of unlimited size with white sand beaches and turquoise water, with low construction and maintenance costs. 

Located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra , in the area of ​​Urubó, both complexes have as a central element these bodies of water that bring a piece of the tropical sea.

Its success in sales confirms the preference for residential areas with spaces for cooling, swimming and water sports, especially in Mediterranean areas, where they create microclimates, improve the landscape and allow to live and recreate in a safe environment.

In fact,  Mar Adentro , with its  3.4 hectare lagoon, and Turquesa Beach , with its 13 ha lagoon. (the second largest in the world),  have increased exponentially their prices and surplus value thanks to the gap, generating a substantial difference with the competition. 

“The incorporation of crystalline lagoons with our patented technology in 190 countries, puts Santa Cruz de la Sierra at the level of important real estate developments around the world, which already have lagoons of these characteristics, such as the United States, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, among others “, says Jean Pierre Juanchich, commercial director for Latin America of Crystal Lagoons.

Worldwide, meanwhile, the multinational totals more than 600 projects in different stages of development in 60 countries, with a strong presence in the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

Mar Adentro was inaugurated on Saturday, May 4 and Turquesa Beach will debut in the coming months, bringing idyllic beach life thanks to this internationally recognized technology as the World’s Top Amenity.

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