Do Extreme Environmentalist Policies Keep Third World Countries Poor?


In Saving Africa From Lies That Kill, Kay Kiser exposes the long-standing crimes committed against developing nations by the United Nations, World Bank, USAID, Planned Parenthood, Green Peace and other advocacy groups. Then she offers practical solutions to alleviate—rather than manage—the crises.

Imagine a world where governmental and non-governmental organizations tasked with alleviating human suffering willingly chose to manage the problem rather than fix it.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Under the guise of “aid,” these organizations mire the underprivileged in isolation, poverty, sickness, and ignorance.

In Saving Africa From Lies That Kill, Kay Kiser argues:

  • Poverty, not overpopulation, causes environmental damage. Higher standards of living and lower infant mortality can improve the environment and stabilize the population.
  • Developing nations need access to reliable electricity in order to end energy poverty. This will, in turn, provide clean water, develop transportation, and power hospitals, homes and industrial investment.
  • Africans aren’t lazy; they’re weakened from malaria, parasites and dysentery. They need insect and disease control for a healthy workforce.
  • The Green Revolution and modern agriculture can feed everyone and end deforestation.
  • Developing nations need investment, not foreign aid that only enriches dictators. They need Investment, Infrastructure, Education, Employment and Disease Control.

Environmentalism is killing the most vulnerable among the human race!

“The modern environmentalist agenda is based on an anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-progress, de-growth philosophy,” Kiser claims. “Modern environmentalists are actually pushing for a return to a simpler romanticized life, complete with subsistence farming and shorter lifespans, as a way to ‘save the planet.’

“Never mind that the romanticized “good old days” never existed but were actually brutal and cruel.”

Fortunately, the problem can be solved—and Kiser explains how!

Kay Kiser is a chemist and microbiologist with experience in technical writing, management, crisis counseling, and education, and holds several patents. Her first book, Perverted Truth Exposed, revealed the progressive perversion of science.

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