“Empire” Star Has Been Arrested for Creating a Hoax to Appear He was Mugged


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It appears obvious that Jussie Smollett, actor from the very popular “Empire” series was lying.  Accusations are mounting and though only accused of such, he has done nothing to refute the charges. Furthermore, overnight he was arrested for his claims and filing a false police report. His defense, to this point, has been little more than being offended by the accusations.

What he is accused of is setting it up to make it look like he was mugged by angry white men who “yelled” racists and homophobic taunts at him and physically battered him.  It now appears his “attackers” were collaborators — extras from the “Empire” series how were hired by Smollett to commit this “attack.”  These collaborators are black.

If it is proved Smollett set this up he will be facing some well deserved consequences.

  • If police resources in Chicago were used in pursuing a non-existent crime, many believe Smollett should pay the costs, which are likely significant.  The city could pursue just that.
  • It is a crime to “cry wolf” in such a way.  It is a felony and he could be looking at jail time.
  • Even without a conviction, it is being said that Smollett is seeing fewer lines in the script.  The show denies it was parting ways with the character.
  • He owes apologies to:
    • The LGBTQ community.  People in this community are often falsely accused of “crying wolf” or of exaggerating the amount of suffering they have from the larger culture.  He harmed his own community’s reputation, if these actions prove true.
    • The black community, for the same reasons above.
    • Whites.
    • Police
    • His Empire and network team.
    • Etc.


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