Escaping Rat Race and Unlocking Your Full Potential


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Laura Noel

Are you tired of the endless daily grind? Of feeling that constant need to do more, achieve more, be more? Are you reaching the end of the day and feeling exhausted after going nowhere so fast?


You can design—and have—your dream life, if you learn how to reboot your mind. Your brain is more powerful than you realize and knowing how to use your thoughts to empower you is the key to setting and achieving “impossible” goals every single day.


Rat Race Reboot contains the answers you need to maximize your potential, find a meaningful purpose, and create a fulfilling life. With the strategies you’ll learn in Rat Race Reboot, you can become your best, most successful self, and discover the joy you’ve always wanted.


About Laura Noel


Laura Noel is an ICF Executive Business and Personal Development Coach & Consultant who works with organizations and individuals to help streamline business processes while maximizing impact. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and CEO of her own company, Laura studied and taught personal growth, change management, and leadership for over 27 years while serving in the United States Air Force. She also became a leading consultant in the Proctor Gallagher Institute, working with Bob Proctor and a Senior Consultant with The Arbinger Institute. As a transformational coach she helps clients bridge the gap between feeling stuck and finding fulfillment in their life and career. Laura guides them in overcoming the mindset blocks that keep them from realizing their true potential, purpose, life-long dreams, and legacy.


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