Questions To Ask When Considering a Website Redesign


Corporate websites have become an essential marketing component of any brand in today’s commercial landscape.

A website redesign can help rebrand your business, increase traffic, and add more functionality. It can be a valuable resource if done right. At the same time, it may be a costly mistake if the right considerations are not made before proceeding.

So, are you considering site redesign in Charlotte? Here are key questions to ask yourself before doing a website redesign that will guide you in making the right decisions.

Are you getting impressive leads and conversions?

Why change if you’re seeing many leads, conversions, and happy users? But if things appear not to be working, a new strategy is the best way to go.

Strong search engine optimization is a key feature every site should have to encourage higher page results when your target audience searches. That involves using the right keywords, meta tags, etc.

So consider many things that may be hurting your search engine performance, such as improper internal link configuration, not using search engine best practices, etc. Your website redesign should involve solidifying the site’s existing weaknesses to improve brand visibility, lead generation, and higher organic traffic.

Is your site reflecting your current brand identity?

Many businesses start out with a vision and mission that may change as time passes. You may now have other elements built into your brand message, such as sustainability and community development, or it could be the brand’s guidelines. Now consider if your existing website design adequately portrays such messages.

To gain customers’ trust, businesses must imprint their current brand identity on their digital presence. For example, when you serve a location such as Charlotte, it’s important that the local users can easily identify with your brand, from the pictures used down to the color theme and content. Therefore, going for Charlotte web design would be an appropriate step in steering such a site in the right direction with which target users can relate.

How easy is it for users to find the information they seek?

It’s important to evaluate how you present your content to users. You may have a large resource of valuable data on your site, but if visitors cannot find what they need quickly, they’ll abandon it for your next competitor on the SERP. That means a higher bounce rate for you.

So when redesigning, it’s not enough to rebrand or change appearance. Put yourself in your target users’ shoes and consider whether the language and system you use are easily understood. Think about the technicality of the web content you use and consider if making it simpler or more sophisticated would be better.

Does your website meet all existing guidelines and compliance?

Many regulations guide user-website interactions. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation governs data protection and privacy within the European Union. So if your site offers services or is used internationally, it’s important to comply with such regulations.

Other regulations include the following:

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for disabled people
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

If your site does not conform to current guidelines and policies, a redesign to address that gap is worth every penny.

Wrap up

In summary, a redesign shouldn’t be all about rebranding. It should also be about closing the gaps your site may have, from SEO and data presentation down to regulation compliance. Covering all loose ends in one design will ultimately be cost-effective and beneficial to you.

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