You have your website up and ready, and you’ve even identified your target market – those with purchasing power. After all, you want your advertisers to get value for their money, and the best way to achieve this is through affiliate sales. However, your website seems to be driving more visitors from India and other countries, which isn’t making sense for your business. So, now what?

Your targeted audience is traffic from the USA. They have been exposed to the internet for a more extended time and got accustomed to living digital lifestyles way before other countries. To achieve that much-desired country-specific traffic, several factors come into play. That said, among the most straightforward ways would be to purchase USA website traffic. But let’s look at the other available options and their viability.

4 Tips on How To Optimize Your Website for USA Traffic

You may be wondering whether your content determines what type of visitors you get and where they come from. Well, while it may be the case for the kind of visitors (seeing that those interested in your content are the ones likely to visit), it will neither determine nor ensure that site visitors will be from your target country.

US visitors to your website are native English, meaning their engagement and consumption rate of the content you share is higher. Here are some concepts on how to increase traffic from your specific target country, in this case, the United States of America.

Utilize Google Trends

Google Trends may offer valuable insight into which keywords are popular in the States. You can then use that data as a basis to craft your content strategy. For instance, the iPhone is extremely popular in the US in comparison to China. Therefore, if you write content about iPhones, your chances of attracting visitors from the US increases.

Use Country-Specific Backlinks

Using backlinks from USA-based websites will draw your target audience to your website. However, the dynamics behind using backlinks may be more challenging than you anticipate and may not yield the results you desire.

Domain Name Extension

The domain extension you use will determine your rankings in global search engines. For the best results, you may need to purchase a country-specific domain. However, this has its own set of challenges as it will shift your brand. You can help your brand preservation by using a .com domain extension, though this may not rank on country-specific search engines.

Submit Your Website to Local Directories

You can also submit your website to local web directories and search engines to help you target a global audience. This helps to determine your traffic’s geo-location and will also aid in getting country-specific backlinks.

Bottom Line

While either of the above methods may give you the desired results, some may require you to keep track of the keyword progress and rankings in the USA. You will need this data to identify which type of content works best for your targeted audience. Ultimately, opting to buy USA website traffic will help you achieve your targets faster and more effectively.

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