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So you have your new flock of chickens? You want to take them home right away. Before you do, you have to get the equipment you need to raise the best chickens.

There’s no doubt you want your new chickens to feel right at home. Read this article to learn about the top chicken equipment you’ll need to buy to raise the chickens.

The Food

On the top of your list should be the food or in the case of chickens, the feed. It’s all about the feed as you want to keep the chicken healthy.

If you have hens, you’ll need to buy feed that contains 16% protein. This type of feed helps them to lay healthy, beautiful eggs. You can expect them to consume 1/4lb of feed each day, so make sure to have a large supply of feed.

You may find that you need to go with a trial and error approach at first to find the right feed. Do consider buying supplements for them. If you have chicks, buy chick starter feed for them.

The Feeders

Chickens create a lot of waste, so you don’t want the waste to mix in with their feed. To prevent this problem, you must buy feeders. If you are feeding the chickens Organic Chicken Feed, it’s best to buy a hanging feeder.

This type of feeder is great for large chicken coops and free-range farms. It’s made from a durable plastic material that’s built to last. It has a protective cover to keep the rain and other elements out.

The Chicken Coop


A safe home is important for proper chicken care. The amount and size of the chickens you have will determine the type of chicken coop you must buy. Do buy a chicken coop that offers space as space makes chickens happy.

Make sure the coop you buy is secure. It must do more than keeping the chickens in. A strong coop will keep chicken predators away.

Coop Heaters and Bedding

Don’t forget about the chicken gear that will go inside the chicken coop. The bedding is good for the health of the chickens. It also helps to keep things clean inside the coop.

Straw and sawdust make good options for the bedding. Add a little bit each day to keep things fresh.

If you live in a state where it gets cold, you want to consider buying a coop heater. Chickens will huddle together keep warm. A coop heater can make it easier for them to stay warm and comfortable.

Buy the Best Chicken Equipment

Now that you’re looking to care for your chicken flock, you’ll need to buy all the necessary equipment to keep them healthy and safe.

These are some of the most essential chicken equipment and tools you must have ready before your flock arrives. Spare no expense when it comes to your chickens.

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