How To Make Money With Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment


If you have the right carpet cleaning business equipment, you can begin a venture and making money easily and quickly. Find out how!

Have you ever been frustrated by stained carpet? If so, you’ve probably called a carpet cleaning company to professionally steam and clean your valuable carpets.

But have you ever considered carpet cleaning as a business opportunity? If you invest in carpet cleaning business equipment, like vacuums and steam cleaners, you can start earning great money.

You can then professionally clean carpets or rent out your equipment, bringing in good money.

To learn more, keep reading to find out how you can start your own carpet cleaning business—and attract customers.

Get Licensed and Registered

Before you start seeing customers, your carpet cleaning business needs to be legitimate. For this, you’ll want to register your business and also get licensed.

Using a carpet steam cleaner is complex. We recommend getting certified in its use through a group such as the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

A certification will give your clients peace of mind that you’re trained and qualified, which will result in more business and income for you.

You’ll also want to invest in public liability insurance since you’ll be going into the client’s homes. Insurance will protect your business against injury or damage to the property.

Develop an Advertising Strategy

For your business to start earning money, you need to develop an advertising strategy so you can start attracting customers. Word of mouth and flyer drops in the neighborhood are a good start, but you’ll also want a digital marketing strategy.

It’s helpful to start a website, with a focus on SEO, invest in ads, focus on email marketing, and set up social media pages for your new business.

Build-Up Regular Clientele

Your carpet cleaning business needs regular clients, allowing you to build up plenty of stable income. Carpets get dirty over time, so why not offer a small discount for customers as a thank you for booking?

This will provide an incentive for them to book you again, once they need their carpets cleaned again.

Rent Out Your Equipment

To increase your income, consider renting out your carpet cleaning equipment. Renting equipment to clean on your own can sometimes be cheaper than hiring someone to clean, so this gives you two varied income streams.

If you’re going to rent out your cleaning equipment to other businesses or homeowners, make sure you take the time to fully train them in how it works. This will prevent them from making mistakes or damaging their carpet.

Invest in Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment to Start Earning

Running your own business can bring financial freedom and independence, so there are plenty of great reasons to get started. By investing in carpet cleaning business equipment, you’ll be on your way to running a lucrative small business.

Homeowners and businesses are always going to require carpet cleaning services, so this business is one that’s sure to be in demand for years to come.

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