The History of Steeples in the Church


Churches are no endangered artifact and they are often seen gracing our streets. Their architectural magnificence is something that is often marveled at and steeples are just one aspect of their build.

Although they are seen daily, there is a lot to their history that is rarely considered. Where did they originate? What is their meaning? And what function do they serve?

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Origin of Church Steeples

Although their definite history remains unknown, steeples are thought to date back as early as the eighteenth century. Church steeples are one of the most recognized features of any building of worship and provide a visual declaration of their history. Whilst being recognized as a standalone feature, they play a vital role in enhancing the presence of such establishments.

Their standout appearance means that they can be spotted from almost anywhere making it known where religious sanctuaries are housed for any worshippers. The global use of steeples means that a safe haven can easily be sought out even if people are new to town.

Meaning of Church Steeples

Many churches built steeples as they were thought to safeguard churchgoers against evil spirits which were believed to inhabit Christian buildings and places of worship.

The appearance of steeples highlights the style of a building and their vertical nature is thought to direct onlookers’ eyes towards Heaven whilst also complementing the constructive integrity.

It was thought that their construction would lead to more people seeking solace in the churches as they influenced people’s mindsets by directing their focus to the Heavens.

The function of Church Steeples

As clocks were a rare possession in the olden days, due to their price, many church steeples housed clocks and bells to serve many purposes. They would signify the time of day, announce calls to worship, and sound out during weddings and funerals. For this reason, many steeples stood tall to ensure that their sound could travel throughout towns without being obstructed by surrounding buildings.

Most steeples were topped with either a cross, a weathervane, or a finial to add to the finish of the churches or serve weather and spiritual purposes too.

Building a Church Steeple

Whether you are looking to build a new steeple or replacing an existing one, American Steeples offers more than one hundred customizable designs that can be built to specification. The exceptional stature ensures a durable and unique product that will be sure to stand out amongst the crowd.

Church Steeples Today

Whilst they are no longer required to serve the same purposes they did throughout history, steeples can still be seen decorating many of today’s churches. Whilst they are now a more decorative feature, they still make use of modernized materials to enhance their durability and keep them maintenance-free.

Still one of the most recognizable aspects of a church, they remain a hallmark icon of a peaceful community and highlight a place of solace for those who need it.

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