According to the 2019 annual report posted by, there has been tremendous cancer treatment development, which promises a bright feature. The cancer research led by Prof. Alain Puisieux as Director looks to develop a futuristic cancer treatment center.

This cancer hospital in Paris intends to evolve surgical procedures and ear, nose, and throat, otherwise known as ENT procedures. With the research’s completion, the field of telehealth services is projected to show tremendous improvement, along with major medical breakthroughs.

Cancer Treatment Burden

As a cancer hospital in Paris that’s internationally renowned, Institut Curie receives patients from all across the country and world. And among the active cancer patients, the treatments plans can impose a substantial economic burden.

According to research published by the European Journal of Public Health in 2019, hospitalization contributed the largest percentage of the expenditure among lung, colon, and breast cancer patients.

Cancer Treatment

The top-notch oncology department at Institut Curie University cancer research center offers the treatment you need. Treatment combines surgery, radiotherapy, and medication. There is also complementary care given to the cancer patients in and out of the hospital. Once you receive your treatment, you get a detailed quote showing the fees charged.

How do you pay for the cancer treatment?

The national health insurance in France covers about 84% of the legal residents in France. And the health care extends to private hospitals to offer public health. On the other hand, the French government refunds up to 70% of most health care costs and 100% for long-term ailments treatment, such as cancer.

What about your co-payment share?

The gap left by the NHI in France might be too expensive, even after an 80% settlement by the government. And the best way to complement the coverage is to seek a private health insurance cover. Private covers protect you from additional charges, making it easier to access preventive care and alternative cancer patient therapies.

If you are looking to access treatment overseas, then the statutory health care cover becomes obsolete. However, with a private insurance cover, you can receive treatment in any country or hospital listed by the company.

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