Fan Support for the MLB is Heading in the Right Direction


Every year the sports pundits decry the death of baseball. This season is no different, but there’s a strong case to be made that baseball fan interest is on the rise, experiencing its best upswing in years. There are several reasons why:

Rule Changes for a Faster Game: MLB implemented some key rule changes in 2023 that have been a hit with fans. The pitch clock has helped to cut down on dead time between pitches, leading to a faster-paced game. Banning the shift forces teams to play a more traditional defense, creating more offense and balls in play, which keeps fans engaged. Even players themselves, according to a recent survey, are largely positive about the changes [MLB Survey Reveals Most Players Happy With Rule Changes, Front Office Sports].

Attendance on the Rise: The positive impact of the rule changes is reflected in attendance. Major League Baseball saw an attendance jump of 10% for the 2023 season [MLB Survey Reveals Most Players Happy With Rule Changes, Front Office Sports]. This suggests fans are enjoying the faster pace and more action on the field.

Renewed Focus on Young Stars: Baseball is seeing a new generation of exciting young stars capture the imagination of fans. From Shohei Ohtani’s two-way dominance to the phenoms like Fernando Tatis Jr. (when healthy) and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., these players provide a reason to tune in every night.

More Ways to Watch the Game: Baseball has embraced new media for reaching fans. Streaming services and expanded highlight shows make it easier than ever to catch up on the game, even for busy fans. This accessibility helps keep fan interest strong.

Of course, there’s always work to be done. But with exciting young players, a faster-paced game, and new ways to follow the sport, baseball appears to be headed in the right direction, with fan interest on the rise.

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